Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 November 2016 Star Plus Full Episode, The Episode begins with Kartik getting resentful thinking about his father. She says I used to tell everybody that my mum kicked the bucket however I missed her a considerable measure, we are doltish. He asks do you adore me. She asks do you need any verification. He says no, I need to listen. She says I cherish you a ton. He says we won’t talk in regards to this, not on the grounds that I will feel awful, but rather I would prefer not to hurt you by not listening to you, things got fine now, we won’t ruin things. He asks guarantee. She grins. He says we will flee and marriage. She asks what and takes off. He pursues her and says sorry, you felt terrible, I just said it. She says I additionally need to state, I will make your bharta, should I, you don’t think before saying. They contend.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 November 2016 Star Plus Full Episode

She says on the off chance that you say this infront of family, they will be prepared. He says stunning, I did

not think this, I m going to converse with them. She says I will murder you. He says I acknowledge, slaughter me. He sees her surprise and says sorry, I was kidding. He holds ears. She says I will think in the event that you help me in making extraordinary individual’s day more unique. He asks who.

Naitik tells Akshara that diamond security got tight now, the locker won’t open with no imprints together, in light of the fact that we are one by joining together. She says we don’t know when two individuals join together, Naira and Kartik are same, both were away and irritated with family, their destiny got connected. He says possibly they will comprehend, Kartik helped her join with us, she will join him with family. She says they need to open fortune of joy together.

Its morning, Akshara meets Dadi. Dadi asks you here as of now, is everything fine. Akshara says yes, I longed for this home and came here. She embraces Shaurya and gets passionate. Rajshri demonstrates the old photograph collection. Akshara grins reviewing those snapshots of adolescence.

Vishwamber asks Akshara what is she finding in the pics. Akshara says my adolescence. He says you will feel life passed soon. Dadi says yes, life gave us a great deal. Akshara says yes, life gave us heaps of satisfaction, we need the same for youngsters. Rajshri asks did you converse with Kartik. Akshara says not yet, I will converse with him, he is fortunate to get such a family.

Kartik and Naira contend over gathering subjects. Mishti requests that they stop it, house looks a market. Akshara comes and says I likewise felt in this way, I knew all of you will battle, so I did my getting ready for birthday. Naira says we will arrange it. Akshara says Naira left and we didn’t celebrate birthdays, now I need to praise it well so that everybody recalls that it well. She says when individual lost a considerable measure in life, I feel I ought to hold this minute until the end of time. Naira embraces her and says we will praise it the way you need, and call Naksh and Gayu as well. Naitik asks what did you think. Kartik says let us know how you need to celebrate. Akshara says fine, make me meet your folks, think this is my birthday present. He says sorry, I can’t give this blessing. He advises Naitik that he needs to get ready for meeting and takes off. Akshara says Kartik’s state of mind ruined. Naira says don’t stress, I will see him. Naitik approaches Akshara to stress for her birthday dress.