Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 November 2016 Full Episode 984, The Episode begins with Raman and Ishita grinning. She says its one year. He says it was extreme for me to live away, I was sitting tight for the day when I will meet you, embrace you, I had a hopeless life. She says sorry, on the off chance that we didn’t ensure that you made tracks in an opposite direction from me, she would have not come to you, if Shagun knew this, she would have made Pihu far from us, recollect our guaranteeā€¦ . FB indicates Raman and Ishita battling infront of the family.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 November 2016Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 November 2016

Ishita goes to Raman and says I gathered your sacks. He says I did as you said, I pointed the finger at you for everything. She says you will run Bangkok with Pihu, we chose this, we can’t allow Pihu to sit unbothered with Shagun, its great on the off chance that she remains away, Shagun will quit hurting Pihu, you need to persuade everybody that you are irritated with me, then Shagun will take off

Pihu, I can’t remain there, you can remain with her, we must be cautious that we don’t get in touch with each other. Raman asks is there no other way? She asks do you have? He embraces her and cries. He goes out. FB closes.

Raman says however I felt terrible to lie everybody that I abhor you. She says how might we ensure that you abhor me, Pihu’s security was demon. It was pixie to ensure that you made tracks in an opposite direction from me, else she would have not acknowledged you. He says she was irritated with me and did not acknowledge me effortlessly. Ishita says yes, she called mummy ji too. FB indicates Pihu calling Mrs Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman left home, Ishita is likewise not here, he needs to remain with you, did he come there, fine fare thee well. She cries and tells Mr. Bhalla to see whats happening, Raman left home and Ishita’s little girl abhors her, its all in view of Shagun. FB closes.

Ishita says I acknowledge Pihu’s disdain and our separation to ensure her. He says yes, at whatever point I see Pihu’s purity and grin. I think what might Shagun do in my nonattendance, much obliged for sending me here. She says Pihu required you. He says once Shagun gets persuaded that we got isolated, we can attempt to get Pihu. She says don’t feel regretful, you did this for Pihu. He says your mind functions admirably. She says even you, Vidyut’s show, Ruhi feels Vidyut and I engage in extramarital relations. He says they are spying you, Adi called me and said you lied and going Australia, not Singapore, they heard you, they adore you a ton and keeping an eye on us. She says on the off chance that they come here. He says they will see you with your beau. They snicker. He requests that her not stress.

Aaliya helps Shravan and gives love letter. Shravan says this is for Simmi, she ought to feel somebody adores her. Aaliya says she will be inspired perusing this. Shravan says we require a fake name. They think. He peruses daily paper and lets some know name. Aaliya concurs.