Udacity Blitz is a new program from Udacity, which offers online education courses in software and app creation, among other lessons.  This new division is designed to quickly connect businesses with software and app makers for the creation of new products.

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August 7, 2016

Here’s how this program will work. Businesses who want to release an app or software project make their proposal at the website. Then the program offers a price estimate for this project and assembles a software team, with a project manager that keeps everything running and on time during its development. The businesses are guaranteed that the work provided by this custom team will be satisfactory, and if it is not, their money is refunded.

The businesses also get to have full contact with members of the software team organized by Udacity Blitz. After the project is finished, the company can continue to work with this team on other products. They even have the option of hiring the team as full-time employees of the business.

Udacity also announced a partnership with the website for Udacity Blitz. 99designs offers a way for anyone to get a custom app created by a team of designers, and now the site will offer the option for the app to be made by a Udacity Blitz team. In fact, a Blitz team created an app proposed on the site in just three weeks.

Other companies that are already working with Blitz teams on projects include the design agency AJ&Smart, the German weather site, Alphabet Inc.’s urban innovation platform Sidewalk Labs, the financial mobile app Astra, and the Los Angeles recording studio Sundown Sessions.