If you are familiar with the Humble Mobile Bundle deals, you know they usually offer a bunch of Android games for much lower prices than normal. Today, the latest such bundle went live and it gives Android games a chance to snag as many as 15 titles from publisher HandyGames.

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3 weeks ago

You can pay whatever you want (that is, you can pay as little as $1) to get five games in this bundle: 1941 Frozen Front, Aces of the Luftwaffe, Aporkalypse, Clouds & Sheep, and Guns’n’Glory WW2. If you pay just $3 or more, you can access those titles and five more (Rocket Island, Ninja Hero Cats, Guns’n’Glory Zombies, Stage Dive Legends, and Devils & Demons) with more games to be added to that tier in about a week. Finally, if you pay $5 or more you gain access to those 10 titles, plus an extra 5 (1942 Pacific Front, Clouds & Sheep 2, Townsmen, Guns’n’Glory Heroes, and Dynamite Fishing – World Games).

The 15 HandyGames games in this latest Humble Mobile Bundle are all “Premium” versions, meaning you get some automatic in-game purchases with each game. Normally, all these games would cost $42 if bought together so you are getting a great deal with this bundle offer. As usual, there’s also the option to donate part of your purchase to charities such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play. This deal will expire on December 5.

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