Thapki Pyaar Ki 23 November 2016 Full HD, The Episode begins with Thapki advising Kabir that she will verification to Bihaan that she is not his Thapki. Kabir says Bihaan said right that you cherishes him in particular, and this vengeance thing sometimes falls short for you. He requests that her discussion to him once. Thapki says no, and says I can’t excuse him. She embraces him and cries. Kabir solaces her. Bihaan sees Thapki crying embracing Kabir and gets furious. He tosses wine bottle furiously.

Thapki Pyaar Ki 23 November 2016 Full Episode HD

Dhruv tells Aditi that he didn’t think even in his fantasies that they will join one day. He kisses on her hand and is going to get nearer, simply then he hears the entryway clamor and goes to close it. He tells its bolt is broken and requests that her rest. Shraddha hears them and thinks on the off chance that you need to sentiment with open entryway, then you can. Dhruv says our affection will build step by step. Aditi

thinks if this is only a fortuitous event or somebody trick.

Aditi supposes she should converse with Shraddha and deal with the issue. She considers Dhruv telling that they couldn’t spend wedding night even today. Thapki comes there, Aditi is strained. Thapki says I know my sister, there is something incorrectly without a doubt. Aditi looks on. Thapki requests that her not do wrong else there will be no distinction amongst her and others. Aditi guarantees her that she won’t do anything incorrectly, and says you talk like my sister. When she goes, Thapki supposes she is defenseless to do amiss with Bihaan, and decides never to give anything terrible a chance to happen to Aditi in the house, similar to she endured in the house.

Kabir is practicing listening to music. Bihaan comes there and stops it. He undermines to show him out of house in the event that he tries to get nearer to Thapki. He says Thapki is mine. Kabir says you have said the discourse like a furious man, and says the individuals who have the neckline don’t gets others’ neckline. He says Vani is not Thapki, and she will be my significant other. I need to draw near to her, and not you. I must be with her… He disturbs him and goes. Bihaan keeps sword on his neck to undermine him.

Bihaan says there is still time to comprehend, else this sword will make you get it. Kabir takes a gander at his sword and says love or requital, I will make you get it. They begin battling. Thapki and others come there and request that they quit battling. Kabir says we were simply honing. Balwinder says these swords are not toys, but rather our genealogical recollections. He asks Bihaan, how might he play with it thinking about its significance. Kabir gives his sword and apologizes.

Vasu offers aarti to all her bahus. Aditi takes aarti. Shraddha comes there and inquires as to whether she is setting off to her home for pagphera rasam. Aditi looks on. Shraddha says I overlooked that you have no mayka, then how this rasam will be finished. Dhruv comes and indignantly says Aditi have her mayka, and her pagphera will likewise be finished.