Fans of the Telegram messaging app can download a new version, 3.14, for Android in the Google Play Store. It includes a number of new features, including one that will be helpful, at least in time, for people who like to send website links to others.

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April 19, 2016

The new feature is called Instant View, and it allows users to share links to web pages in Telegram that, when clicked or tapped, immediately show up inside the app. While that’s a helpful feature, the downside is that it only works with Medium and TechCrunch links at the moment, but more support will be added soon.

In addition, the Android version got some special attention from the Telegram team. It says the new 3.14 version has a bunch of improvements that include a new interface for creating groups and selecting users in privacy settings, along with another new interface for notification settings. The app also has some improvements for passcode locks, faster camera speeds and a improved photo viewer. There’s also some better video compression, and there’s now an easier way to edit messages and add photo captions with the app.

In addition to the app improvements, Telegram has launched a new publishing platform called Telegraph. You can go to its official website and create articles with embedded photos and markdown, and share them with other in the Telegram app. All Telegraph links support Telegram’s new Instant View feature.

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