The Google Pixel and Pixel XL launched over a month ago, but a growing number of owners have since reported odd problems with its camera app. They include the app freezing up and displaying pink and purple lines on the image.

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3 weeks ago

Some Google Pixel owners experiencing odd camera app problems

The first reports came in soon after Pixel devices started shipping in late October. A thread on Google’s Pixel User Community forum shows a ton of posts from owners of the phone who have reported this same freezing problem with the app. A few even have been experiencing issues with third-party apps that can access the camera.

One possible clue is that the app problems are associated with low cellular data on the phones themselves, although it’s not clear why those two issues would be related. So far, Google has yet to offer any concrete info on why the Google Pixel camera app might be freezing up for these users. Hopefully the company is still on this case and will reveal more information, and a possible fix, soon for these understandably frustrated Pixel owners.

Have you been experiencing similar freezing and odd colored lines popping up on your Google Pixel camera app? Let us know in the comments!