Snapseed is a favorite among users and we even listed it in our 15 top photo editor apps, so it is always good news when we see good features coming to the simple, yet advanced image tuner. Today we are seeing an update to version 2.13, which brings forth UI and RAW support improvements.

Snapdseed update version 2.13 brings improved RAW support and UIThe most important change is that users are no longer limited to swiping up and down to change parameters. Instead, one can tap on the bottom adjust button to bring up a tap-enabled parameters menu. Then you can easily swipe left and right to make your edits, as you always have.

In addition, Snapseed is also improving RAW support for images captured using HDR Scape. Preview and final image colors are now more accurate, making it easier to edit photos to your liking. The preview will show default RAW colors, which wasn’t always the case in the past.

By the way, iOS users are also getting the White Balance tool, which came to us Android users a while back. It’s a great feature!

You can go get your update from the Google Play Store now. Enjoy!

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