Shakti 23 November 2016 Colors Tv Full Episode, The Episode begins with Harman telling Soumya’s life is in risk on the off chance that she goes out and that is the reason she will remain here. Preeto slaps him and points the finger at him for smashing their desires and wishes for a kinnar. She asks where did we turn out badly in your childhood. She says it is our mum’s fantasy to see her child settled. Harman says where will Soumya go? There is no place for her. He says you have shown me in adolescence that we might help other people. Preeto says she can’t overlook that he is her.

Shakti 23 November 2016 Colors Tv Full Episode

Harman says I am still your child and can leave this world for you. HE requests that her get it. Preeto says she can’t be your significant other and can’t give our great children. Harman says I didn’t decline to get hitched or to give you stupendous youngsters, simply let Soumya remain with her. Shanno says you have taken all choices and says she will

not give Mahi a chance to wed Harman now. She says Mahi is not a machine to give him kids, and says he cherishes kinnar and needs kids from Mahi. Harman says it is Mahi’s entitlement to take a choice. He advises her that she may have comprehended him at this point, and says Soumya will remain here in his home. He says he will hold Soumya’s hand all his life.

Shanno says my Mahi won’t wed you. Mahi says I am prepared to Harman ji even now… .Everyone is stunned. Harman looks on. Soumya is crying still. Mahi says I have a condition. She requests that he hold up and brings sweater. She says on the off chance that you mean what you have truly said, and in the event that you concur that Soumya won’t get any connection in this house, and you have quite recently delicate corner for her. She requests that he blaze sweater in the havan kund, and says I will wed you and bring pheras with you. Harman takes the sweater and looks indignantly. Mahi says I am not constraining you… you do what your warmth says. Harman says I was a man who cherishes Soumya, however he passed on. Presently I am her companion and Soumya is my obligation. He says we have no connection, however I have one connection and I would prefer not to blaze our anonymous connection. He says I need to wed you and give you my wifey rights. Soumya will never come in the middle of us.

Mahi says Soumya came in the middle of us as of now. She says I am prepared to do any conformities, however I can’t impart my significant other to a lady or a kinnar. She says I know she is a kinnar, and can’t give you any joy, yet she can grab my joy without a doubt. She says I needed to wed you as I need to wind up your life accomplice, not to satisfy your desires. She blames Soumya for grabbing her fantasies and destroying her life. She calls her Kinnar and is going to slap her, yet Harman holds her hand preventing her from slapping Soumya. He says regardless of the possibility that I had hitched you, you don’t have any privilege to slap her. He says you have no connection with us, don’t set out to see her. Mahi gets furious and is going to clear out. Shanno tries to stop her.

Varun gets glad and offers to drop Mahi till transport station. Mahi says no need. She wears her easygoing garments, and welcomes everybody before clearing out. She apologizes to Preeto. She tells jiju… Viren requests that her not stress. She takes off. Shanno tells Preeto that she won’t get such a decent young lady like Mahi once more. Preeto takes a seat stunned. Harman is taking Soumya inside. Harak Singh inquires as to whether he don’t understand what he has done, and executed numerous relations. Harman reminds Harak Singh that he conveyed somebody 25 years prior to spare his regard, and inquires as to whether she recalls then make Harak Singh get it. Harak Singh and Preeto looks stunned.