Sasural Simar Ka 22 November 2016 Full Episode Video, KB says let me know pandit ji what will I need to do? saroj says aren’t you and Prem doing Kaniya dan? Simar says Khushi cherishes Anjali. She needed to do Kaniyadan so we let her do it. They hear Sankalp shouting. His hand is broken. KB says what was the deal? He says I was settling lights on step. I slipped. KB says lets do knaiya dan first then we can rest. Sankalp says specialist recommended me bed rest I can’t do this.

Sasural Simar Ka 22 November 2016 Full Episode Video

KB says however Anjali needs us to do kaniya dan. Sankalp says no stressed Simar and Prem will do it. KB says its alright in the event that he can’t do this I will do only it. Pandit says a couple need to do it together. Saroj says its better that guardians do the kaniya dan. Mataji says yes that is the custom. Let Simar and prem do it. Possibly its not in your destiny. KB says

yet.. Anjali says KB let Prem and Simar do it. KB says you know I haven’t eaten anything for Kaniya dan. Anjali says I know however kindly don’t postpone the wedding. Anjali says father you do the kaniya dan.

Vadadhi is at the transport stop. Piyush and Roshni stop her.

Simar and Prem do Anjali’s kaniya dan. Simar is extremely glad.

Piyush says you wanna clear out? All young lady leave like you. You needed equity. Why are you fleeing now. Vadahi says I don’t need equity.

Mataji says to Khushi if fasting could get you what you need then you would get anything. Simar got what she merited.

Vadahi says I couldn’t care less in the event that they get got or not. My life is demolished yet will this give me? Will I recover my family. No. Why should I squander my time. Roshni says please hear me out. Vadahi says when there was time Simar close relative and Piyush acknowledged that I am a criminal and they requesting that I take off. Piysuh says we believe you. However, the conditions didn’t permit us. However, now come and face reality. Vadhai says truth? You wanna know truth? You don’t have strength to listen his name thus doesn’t simar. Piyush says who is he? it would be ideal if you let me know. Vadahi says Vikram. Vadahi says why ar eyou noiseless at this point? Piyush says I won’t leave that Vikram. I won’t give him a chance to demolish my sister’s life.

Piyush is driving back to home with Vadahi and Roshni. Roshni calls simar yet simar isn’t getting. Roshni says she isn’t grabbing. Piyush says Vadahi you knew how he is, you stay very. Vadhai says he undermined me on the off chance that I tell anybody he would demolish anjali’s life.

Simar says where is Piyush? Prem says he doesn’t know its his sister’s wedding. Simar says he should be stuck in some work. I will call him.

Simar sees roshni’s missed calls. Simar calls Roshni. Piyush says mama.. simar says where are both of you? Its your sister’s wedding.

Pandit ji says get married. KB says the mother is occupied accessible if the need arises. I can do this in any event. Mataji says yes you can do that.

Piyush says mama please stop the wedding. Simar says I can’t hear you. piyush says she can’t listen. Content her roshni. Simar slams into videographer and the telephone falls. she doesn’t open it.

Pandit ji says go to bat for the rounds. Piyush is en route. Roshni says she didn’t read the content. Her telephone is off. Piyush says approach landline. Nobody picks the approach landline. The rounds are on going.

Simar says to Prem when you discussed her marriage first I was so frightened yet now I understand how right you were. Prem says the rounds are consummation however your child didn’t come. I thought he isn’t this flippant. Simar says he should be stuck some place. There is something incorrectly. He never does this. I will check once more.