Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23 November 2016 Full HD, Chanda orders Meera to separate Dharam on the off chance that she needs her kids. Meera cries not to state that. Chanda cautions to pick amongst Dhaam and kids soon and takes off. Meera cries why Chanda is doing this to her.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23 November 2016 Full HD

Mona returns home from excursion. Pari gets upbeat seeing her and says she was misssing gopssip and just they both can do best babble. Samar sees heaps of blessings and inquires as to why did she bring such a large number of endowments. Mona says she had traveled to another country, so endowments are clear for everybody. She and Pari begin their talk.

Gopi educates Urmila and Urvashi that Kokila is not at home, she more likely than not gone to chawl. Urmila inquires as to why. Gopi says yesterday night she and Kokila had a battle, so Kokila more likely than not gone to remain in chawl. Urmila says Kokila is not that powerless candidly and will


Meera embellishes house for Dharam’s birthday. Dharam is astounded and adulates Meera. Chanda wishes Dharam. He says alright and keeps adulating Meera. Vidya says Di hosts tossed a gathering and there are huge shocks anticipating. She takes Shravan from that point to talk. Chanda reminds Meera what to do and clears out. Meera takes a gander at Dharam playing with Priyal and thinks back quality time went through with Dharam.

Parag arrange advance marriage courses of action with Urvashi. Jaggi comes and says without Gopi he won’t wed, that is his primary condition. Radhika says Gopi will without a doubt go to marriage. Urmila considers

Gopi checks Kokila in chawal and strolls back on road thinking where maaji probably gone. Radhika comes and says she has grabbed her maaji and reminds that she heard Gopi and Kokila’s battle and wanted to seize Kokila. Gopi says she willl not accept. Radhika demonstrates CCTV footage of Kokila being fixing to a seat with bomb and shows bomb remote, cautions in the event that she tries to deceive, her maaji will blast ito pieces. She requests to take symbol for her now and on the off chance that she tries to illuminate anybody, she will lose her maaji. Gopi yells not to do anything to her maaji.

Dharam’s visitors begin coming in. Dharam welcomes them. His companion says bhabiji demanded to go to party and asks where is she, Dharam is exceptionally fortunate to have such a keen and delightful spouse. Vidya says di is extraordinary. Dharam says he is truly fortunate. Meera descends wearing anarkali dress. Chanda cautions all her grinning.