Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 23 November 2016 Full HDPardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 23 November 2016 Full HD, The Episode begins with Raghav asking Naina what else her mum says, mum stories work more than demulcent. Rajeev says I won’t do this. Chanchal reminds she has his infant in her womb and advises her arrangement to see auto coming and get infront of it. He says its perilous arrangement. She says once we get cash, we can sit home for 6 months and eat, it would be little crack, go ahead do it. Asha is focused.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 23 November 2016 Full HD

Zeenu asks what happened. Asha says I need to get my stents evacuated and get cash. Zeenu asks what are you saying, hold up, have water first. Asha says Naina is distant from everyone else there, Rajeev won’t help her, I have no trust from her, who will help her. Zeenu requests that her tell what is the matter.

Rajeev is terrified to go infront of the auto. He tells Chanchal that there are different approaches to gain cash, on the off chance that I pass on,

you can’t process the cash. Chanchal requests that he go. Rajeev flees seeing the auto. She says he can’t do this. Asha says I need to tell Naina, Amit wedded an outsider. Zeenu requests that her be solid, in what capacity will Naina oversee there alone. Asha says who will wed Naina, I have sent her there.

Naina requests that Raghav check with some specialist. Raghav says my family will get healing center at home, my Dadi and everybody have much love. She calls him fortunate. She says I will leave, fare thee well. He says we are outsiders and still, after all that our ways coordinate. She says we are Indians. He says destiny unites us, it can be companionship.

Chanchal discovers Rajeev covering up. She requests that he accompany her. He says I can’t do this. She says I guarantee I won’t give anything transpire, a chance to tail me and practice. Veer is tanked and requests that Ira drive. Ira says I m excessively smashed, please oversee today. He says fine, rest then. Chanchal says fine, don’t come Rajeev. She sees an auto coming and does not move. She gets hit and tumbles down. Rajeev asks Chanchal is she fine, open eyes, some individual please offer assistance. Veer gets down the auto. A few people come there. Rajeev chastens Veer.

Chanchal thinks Rajeev has said great exchange, I will go healing center and get much cash to spent for a considerable length of time. Rajeev says I won’t abandon you on the off chance that anything happens to my kid. Chanchal thinks Rajeev is exaggerating, circumstance is to support us. Rajeev calls police. Chanchal stops him and says take me to healing facility, infant is not moving. Veer offers assistance. Rajeev says you will take us to clinic.

Raghav says its peculiar fellowship, we don’t have the foggiest idea about our names, I m Raghav Mehra. She gets stunned. He asks what happened, I m no criminal. She says I don’t trust this, Raghav Mehra of Mehra trust. He asks how would you know. She says staggering. She gets Rajeev’s call and gets stunned. She says what. I will simply come. She tells Raghav that she will meet him later. He asks should I drop you. She didn’t state name and went.

Chanchal says I m frightened for infant. Rajeev says unwind, specialist will check. Specialist says your child is fine. Rajeev says its all fine. Chanchal supposes we won’t get cash, I need to accomplish something. She says I m a mother, if an auto keeps running over pregnant woman, nothing will happen. Specialist asks what, you were keep running around an auto, this is police issue. Rajeev says yes.