Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 21 November 2016 Full HD, The Episode begins with Dadi yelling Raghav. Raghav gets stunned. Dadi asks whats happening. Balraj admonishes Raghav and asks since when is this incident. Raghav says no, I was simply conversing with Sanjana, I m saying truth. Sanjana admonishes him and says I wanted to trust you, why did you take me to toilet. Balraj tells Raghav has kept Sanjana’s anklet and photographs, since when is he peering toward Sanjana.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 21 November 2016 Full HD

Uncle slaps Raghav and says Sanjana is our visitor. Dadi says enough. Pam says don’t realize what might have happened with Sanjana on the off chance that we didn’t go there. Pam and Sanjana review how they arranged this, subsequent to listening to Sudha. Pam informed Sanjana that Dadi is coming, accuse everything for Raghav. Pam requests that Balraj beat Raghav, what might I advise her mother and father, everybody got Raghav on head, see he is doing this. Raghav says no, I m saying truth, I didn’t do this.

Pam asks where might we get equity. Balraj requests that Dadi say something. Dadi goes and gets Dada ji’s stick. She beats Raghav and asks did you do this to give back our affection, did we get you here during the current day, get lost, I will send you to imprison, get out, you are nobody for us. Raghav cries and takes off.

Sanjana has aftereffect. Pam gets pharmaceutical for her. Sanjana says she doesn’t recollect who spiked my drink, how did you Sudha is getting Dadi. Pam says she knows Sudha doing show, I pledged to get Raghav pounded by same stick of Dada ji. Naina tells Chanchal that she got 150 euros in first move, I will mastermind ticket soon. Chanchal says I can’t trust this, John is great, I will request a great job after conveyance. Naina says you deal with child, Rajeev will win.

Naina goes to cook. Chanchal requests that her not convey cash in tote, hoodlums are proficient here, keep cash in my locker. Naina concurs and says let me know when my ticket cost gets masterminded. Chanchal says I would have sold my gold bangles on the off chance that I had, should we celebrate. Naina says yes, I will make desserts. Chanchal approaches her to get chocolate frozen yogurt for child. Naina says I will get it, and requests cash. Chanchal says don’t see this cash, else ticket passage won’t be orchestrated, get dessert from change. Naina says you are correct and embraces Chanchal.

Dadi is tragic and goes to Raghav’s room. Raghav strolls to her. He apologizes and holds her hand. She cries and takes off. Chanchal sees the cash and is cheerful. She shouts seeing Rajeev. He asks what is it, neighbors will think I beat my significant other. She contends. She says I have a brilliant hen, Naina is getting cash for me, Naina is multi reason young lady, you say anything today, I m so upbeat. He asks truly. She says yes. He stows away and says I lost my occupation. She snickers and says you are so sweet, I m glad, come. He goes to her. She requests that he see child, infant is kicking me rather you, infant is shouting you are futile and in what capacity will you raise him, you are a failure. He says I will do what you say, yet simply lawful thing. She chuckles and requests that he plunder.