Naamkaran 22 November 2016 Full Video Episode, The Episode begins with Avni telling Asha that she has finished her homework and stayed faithful to her commitment. She drinks squeeze and says I need to go for design indicate determination. Sumi comes and gives puran poli to Asha. She says Ashok’s office concurred for tiffin benefit. Asha says I will begin work today itself. Sumi converses with Avni and goes. Aladin looks on. Avni asks Asha for what good reason is she doing this.

Naamkaran 22 November 2016 Full Video Episode

Asha says I need to run home, you ponder and satisfy your test, I don’t need you to lose adolescence as a result of this, you have grown up before time. Avni approaches her not to stress for her studies, my life cycle is inverse, I m conceived old. She snickers and embraces Asha, saying I adore you mumma, you are best mumma on the planet. Asha says you are best little girl on the planet. Aladin comes to them and says you both ought to get bst

mum little girl grant. He plays with Asha. Asha gets irate. He says it would be ideal if you will you make my life brilliant. She goes. Avni gets furious seeing him. He says I was proposing Asha, how could you come in the middle. Asha says you need to cross me first. Aladin says no issue, I will persuade you one day.

Fatima comes. Aladin plays with her as well. Fatima calls him Jadugar. He sings Kisko pyaar karun and goes. Avni chuckles and says he is distraught. Asha solicits Fatima to take mind from Avni. Fatima says don’t stress, we will come soon. They take off. Asha sees Neela coming and gets stressed. Asha goes home and bolts the entryway.

Dayaben says you ought to have not left Ashish alone. Hetal hears them. Dayaben says we need to discover the amount Neela is aware of Avni. Neela rings the entryway chime. Asha opens the entryway. Neela asks did you not distinguish me, Avni spared my life, we met in honor work. Asha says Avni is not at home. Neela requests a glass of water. Asha goes to get water.

Neela grins seeing Avni and Asha’s pics. She gives present for Avni. She says Avni’s face matches with yours. Asha says yes, she is my little girl. Neela inquires as to why did you leave acting in films, when first motion picture was superhit. Asha says I was vulnerable. Neela asks is there any issue now, you are excellent and act so great, will you jump at the chance to act once more, I can converse with Ashish, I m beyond any doubt he would love to direct you once more. Asha gets strained. She says I have work, please leave in the event that you don’t feel terrible. Neela says sorry, I ought to have called and come, I didn’t have your number. Asha inquires as to why would you like to meet Avni. Neela says I run a NGO and I need to give long lasting grant to Avni. Asha says pay to spare your life. Neela says no, I became acquainted with Avni does not have father, you will have weight of her childhood, this grant will help you in costs.

Asha says sorry, I don’t need philanthropy, its my entitlement to raise her well and I won’t give anybody a chance to grab my rights, all of you have cash and compare all decency with cash. Neela says obviously, you are not content with my coming here, trust me, I didn’t come to affront you, I came to help Avni and get amicable with you, I lament you misjudged me, sorry to learn you. She reminds Asha’s film discourse and says I likewise have confidence in that. She says I didn’t come here to bargain for Avni’s integrity by cash, I needed to help all of you, regardless of the possibility that you don’t care for, I respected Avni my actual companion. Neela takes off. Tiku looks on and asks Asha for what valid reason did Neela come here. Asha says Neela came to meet Avni, I made trouble with all her Avni away. She cries and feels awful.