Playing too many video games isn’t always the healthiest choice you could make, because sitting on your couch all day doesn’t exactly do your fitness level any favors. That’s why 2K Games, the developer of the popular NBA 2K17 game, has recently announced an interesting partnership with Fitbit.

All you hardcore NBA 2K17 fans will soon be able to step up your game and increase your chances of getting a championship ring by staying active throughout the day. The new partnership between the companies will offer players temporary in-game boosts to their MyPlayer category if they take at least 10,000 steps per day while using one of Fitbit’s activity trackers.

You can choose between boosting your agility, layups, dunks, and more. However, the boost will only last for five games. After that, you’ll have to hit the streets and rack up the required 10,000 steps to activate it again.

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20 hours ago

This is the first integration of its kind we’ve seen, as it combines the virtual and physical world in a creative way. Everyone involved gets something out of it: the game developer keeps its users more engaged, Fitbit gets a bit more exposure and can even slightly increase its sales, while gamers get off the couch and become more active.

The new feature will be added to the game on November 25 and will work on both PS4 and Xbox One.

Any NBA 2K17 fans out there? What do you think about the new Fitbit integration?