Kumkum Bhagya 22 November 2016 Full HD, The Episode begins with Beeji and Sarla discussing Abhi and Pragya. Sarla says I will never isolate them again. Abhi tells Purab that he will drink more lassi. Sarla tells Pragya that she thought she will be cheerful in the event that she leaves Abhi, yet she wasn’t right. She says I overlooked my own lessons and requesting that you pick between your better half and me. She says I know you both can’t remain without each other, and that is the reason I am with you. Abhi comes and asks what you individuals are talking. Sarla says I was advising her that her supervisor is exceptionally shrewd to recover her on less pay. Abhi says I am speculation to contract you as monetary counsel. Sarla concurs and snickers.

Kumkum Bhagya 22 November 2016 Full HD

Aaliya and Tanu are irate knowing Abhi and Pragya are returning home. Dadi says you can do any arranging, however God will never isolate them. She says

at whatever point Pragya is made to go out, Abhi brings her back as she is bound to remain here with him. Mitali calls Dadi and says Abhi came. I saw his auto. Dadi calls Indu..Dasi comes. Dadi says we need to make courses of action to welcome Pragya. Dasi brings aarti plate. Dadi does Pragya and Abhi’s aarti together.

Tanu and Aaliya are chafed. Mitali asks did you gather your sacks? Tanu says yes, however then unloaded it as well, it was a mix-up. Mitali requests that her pack again and goes. Abhi asks Dasi, what happened to Dadi? Why she is doing aarti as though I have won the war. Dasi says it was at the very least a war, as you brought Nikita back home sparing her from goons. Pragya asks Dadi, why she is doing aarti as Abhi may question. Dadi says she is satisfying her desire and taking hostile stare off from them. Abhi requests that Pragya let Dadi do aarti. Dadi favors them and says nothing will happen now, and you individuals will be as one. Tanu is chafed and requests that Aaliya accomplish something. Aaliya says our group will crush them and we need to try harder. Dasi tells Abhi that Dadi is cheerful at this point.

Dadi gets some information about Sarla, Beeji and janki. Abhi says Purab conversed with the new inhabitants and recovered their home. Dasi says I advised her that Sarla won’t come here or drink water. Abhi asks what? Dadi discloses to him that such individuals with qualities don’t drink water of the house where their little girl is hitched or work in that house.

Pragya comes to Aaliya and Tanu’s room and inquires as to whether they are stunned to see her. She says our connection is for perpetually, and you individuals can’t separate us. She says he is my better half, despite the fact that we are not together. She says you both have demonstrated that you both will never turn out to be great. In the event that you wouldn’t have done my capturing then I wouldn’t have returned. She says I heard Abhi calling my name. She says I got quality now and will accomplish something. Aaliya gets some information about reality. Pragya says she can’t stoop like them, and won’t filthy her hands like them. She says I have seen his eyes and sentiments of his heart. Tanu says Abhi got back to you being his secretary and he doesn’t intend to love you.