Ishwari irons Dev’s home. Radha comes and inquires as to why she is squeezing Dev’s garments. Ishwari says Dev does not know to press, he doesn’t know where his garments are. She opens her pantry and keeps Dev’s garments in it. Radha inquires as to why she is keeping Dev’s garments here. Ishwari says Dev requested that keep it here. Radha shouts bengalan/Sona more likely than not possessed entire room. Ishwari inquires as to why she is against Sona dependably. Radha hollers Sona kept huge swinger in Dev’s room and he gets hurt more than once, consider the possibility that he ventures on a nail and gets harmed. Ishwari begins considering.

Swaragini 21 November 2016 Episode 454

Around evening time, Dev completes his presentaiton late night and sees Sona sound snoozing. He goes and sits on swinger. In the morning, Dev wears blue shirt. Sona indignantly inquires as to why he

wore such a brilliant shirt and looking so attractive, consider the possibility that a young lady falls behind him, snickers and says imagine a scenario where he had got such a whining spouse. He yells he advised her that he has vital presentation, she spoilt his state of mind. She gets dismal. He snickers and inquires as to whether she had got such a yelliing spouse. They both snicker. Sona goes to get his tie. He supposes in the event that she will realize that his garments are in mother’s room, she will get miserable. He says no requirement for tie. He limps. She asks what happened. He says his torment expanded in the morning. Kichu brings boiling hot water and says mother sent to absorb his leg it for his leg torment. Dev requests that keep it aside. Sona says mother recognizes what he needs, trust even she gets an opportunity to peruse his psyche and serve him. He says she will be allowed to better serve him and grins. They both grin.

Elena gets Vicky’s call and feels dismal. Sona calls her. She hollers she parted ways with Vicky according to her desire and now she ought to stop her getting back to back. She turns off versatile. Sona supposes she is doing this for Elena’s integrity.

Sona achieves home and sees hirelings keeping her swinger out in overhang. She asks who allowed them. Ishwari says she allowed it as Dev got hurt thrice with this swinger. Radha begins shouting that Dev likes space in his room. Neha says she told that Dev dislikes change, in this house just Dev and mother sets rules and everynoe need to tail them. Sona says she is simply glad that Dev is getting to be free and trusts she will comprehend his psyche soon. Ishwari says don’t stress, you will comprehend Dev’s brain gradually. Sona grins.

Nikki sits on swinger and requests that Rhea click her pic. Radha comes and snickers that jiji did great by keeping it out, who will keep such a major swinger in room. Nikki jokes she ought to attempt a selfie on swinger as mamaji as of now learnt taking selfie. She calls her Radha rani and impersonates mamaji. Radha requests that Rhea click a pleasant pic and tries to sit on swinger and tumbles down She shouts this swinger has phantom and it hurt her and Dev. Nikki requests that quit accusing swinger, bhabhi carried it with so much love. Nikki hollers to stop it as she is still little, bhabi is attempting to drive her choices on everybody, except she didn’t do this in her sasural. Radha says regardless of the possibility that she needed to, Ranver would not have permitted her. Neha irately shouts whatever… Nikki keeps taking pics.

Sona takes a gander at discharge space and taking a gander at Dev’s pic says Mr. Obodro got hurt by swinger and got it out, yet not to stress… Vicky bursts in indignantly and yells how could she is to meddle in his life. She says he is meddling like he went into in her room now. He hollers he makes his own particular manner. Sona says Elena is her sister and she won’t give him a chance to demolish her sister’s life, no one fears his muscle and rebel state of mind. He difficulties to make a decent attempt and attempt to keep Elena away, Elena soon will return to him.