Kasam 24 November 2016 Full Episode 190, Each eye was stuck over Tanuja, including Rishi as she strolls ground floor towards him. Raaj calls her, Rano approaches Malaika. Raaj takes Tanuja towards Super Bee ji, who favors her and was upbeat that Rishi got a pretty spouse. They take to acquaint her with others.

Kasam 24 November 2016 Full Episode 189

Rano grumbles Malaika for giving Tanuja her dress, as Tanuja is looking the prettiest. Malaika says this is her dress, she had given her the short western dresses however she coordinated a couple and even with a stroller. Raaj calls Malaika aside to show she is wearing western, however conveys it so perfectly; she resembles a princess. He recommends her to take in wearing western from Tanuja, then goes to another visitor and takes them to meet Tanuja.

Super Bee ji advises Tanuja to illuminate her if Bee ji chides her ever. Tanuja says she reproves Bee

ji when she doesn’t eat on time. Super Bee ji says she is fortunate to have Tanuja at her home, then notification a strain between Bee ji and Tanuja. Raaj brings his visitors then, Tanuja comes to disclose to Raaj about the dress. Raaj says she is looking elegant in this dress too, and brags to be glad for her.

Nakul comes to Rishi saying if Tanuja has a sister, his companion is prepared to wed her. Rano comes to indicate Rishi how glad Tanuja is getting included with everybody. Malaika comes to gripe about Raaj who offended her once more, in light of Tanuja. She says Tanuja is controlling Raaj, and even in office she got offended in office as a result of this; Rishi guaranteed her to make everything great except Tanuja is controlling him also. Divia was certain she probably spellbound Rishi. Rano says Tanuja looks like Tannu and this makes Rishi powerless. Raaj comes there, saying Super Bee ji has gone insane meeting Tanuja. She needs him to hit the dance floor with Tanuja. Rishi denies. Raaj demands Super Bee ji needs to see their science, Rishi was hesitant however Super Bee ji comes there. Everybody was quiet, Tanuja was stunned to hear the request as well. Rishi supposes he would whirl Tanuja to fall severely, and once heard she could never come to him again. Rishi consents to Super Bee ji and advances his hand towards Tanuja. Tanuja was hesitant before all else, yet at long last runs with Rishi; winking towards Rano. Malaika whispers to Rano that Rishi would accomplish something to Tanuja.

Super Bee ji sends Manpreet to DJ to play sentimental music. Rishi cautions Tanuja she adores moving over other’s heads, and damages her while moving. He abruptly says he doesn’t ha anything in heart for her, his disdain for her is still there. Everybody sees him being lively. Malaika sees tears in Tanuja’s ears, Rano says Rishi is stating something to her indignantly; whatever is there between them, it’s good for nothing. She was certain, nothing would happen between them.