A final report has been submitted on the much talked about case concerning top Bollywood actors Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut. The scandalous case took off after Hrithik’s mention of Kangana as his ‘silly ex’.

From there on, the actors repeatedly involved in mudslinging one another at media events, interviews and so on. Further, a legal turn came into a case when a few emails exchanged between the two were released in media. The cyber crime cell was involved, who post tracking Hrithik’s email id, claimed that the activities of the account were linked to U.S. While Hrithik maintained that it was an imposter, the police has been unsuccessful in tracking the person who has been handling the email id.

Kangana-Hrithik Tussle: Police Submit Final Report

Since no other evidence is available to prove either Hrithik or Kangana’s side of the case and no verification on the email id available, the police have said that the case has hit a dead end.

They have submitted a NIL report which means none of the sides win.