Jamai Raja 23 November 2016 Zee Tv Full Episode, The Episode begins with Satya saying medication… He comes to Mahi. Mahi breaks the stuff and tells that she kept her mum’s things securely, and when she came infront of her alive, she couldn’t recall her. She says I will smolder this recollections. Satya requests that her hear him out once. Payal comes and asks do you require Maa? Mahi folds her hands and requests that her arrival her maa. She asks what did you do with her? Why she is not remembering me.

Jamai Raja 23 November 2016 Zee Tv Full Episode

Payal says I didn’t do anything till now, yet can do considerably more. She inquires as to whether she needs mother and requests that her name all property on her name. She demonstrates the infusion and says might be Ria can get completely frantic for some cash. Mahi consents to exchange her property and everything on her name. Satya asks have you gone distraught? He says once she gets the property, she will

not abandon you or your mum. Payal come sto Ria and says now everything is filling in according to our arrangement. Ria gets up and says thank god, I am burnt out on this. Lady expels her fake veil. Payal says I will give your shares once she signs on the papers. The lady ends up being fake Ria. Satya tries to stop Mahi, yet futile. Mahi calls legal advisor and says she needs to exchange all her property on her name. Mitul tells Payal have concealed Ria for such a variety of years. Satya offers his arrangements with Mitul and gestures of recognition her.

Payal sits tight for legal advisor to come. Satya sings aaj principle upar… ..Payal makes him tumble down, and says soon your better half will go along with you as well. Satya gets up and gives case, and tells that 1000 Rs is gone/demonetized and 100 Rs. note is as yet working. He says I resemble 100 Rs note, and you resemble 1000 Rs. note.

Payal calls Lawyer. Legal advisor says papers are prepared and I am coming there. Mitul comes to Lawyer indisguise of a hobo and stops him requesting that give cash. He says I don’t have change. Mitul requests that he give 500 Rs. note. She demands, and the papers tumble down from his hands. Legal counselor calls Payal and says hobo lady have ruined the papers. Payal points the finger at Satya. Satya says he is here and haven’t gone frantic. Mitul’s recording is as yet playing. Payal tells Mahi that Satya is playing the amusement, however she will be the person who lose. Mahi inquires as to whether he has done this. Satya says no. Mitul returns to house and thinks Satya will get upbeat. She conceals her poor person outfit. Payal gets dubious and goes to her room. Mitul is stunned, as the recording is as yet playing at opposite side.

Mitul begins going about as though she is singing melody, and says she jumps at the chance to record and hear her own tune. Payal seeks in her organizer and gets the poor person garments. She says you are remaining her and supporting foes. She goes. Satya and Mahi hear Ria yelling and Payal telling Ria that she will give her infusion. They run towards the room and request that her open the entryway. Payal signs her. Fake Ria acts to get oblivious after Payal puts on a show to give her infusion. Mahi and Satya come inside and see Ria oblivious. They are stunned and asks what did you do with her.