Anika races to Shivaye and says I need to let you know something Shivaye, I was letting you know there is something incorrectly. She gets stunned seeing Tia. Tia asks whats the matter that you needed to go to Shivaye’s room. At some point some time recently, Anika says I m not reprimanding, I got this ticket so… Daksh says if ticket is the reason of uncertainty, then here it is, i have my tickets. Anika sees the tickets. Dadi says Anika, you are mixed up, we know Daksh since his adolescence, he can’t do this thing. Tia says Anika I truly think you ought to state sorry to learn. Shivaye says really, what happened the previous evening, Anika is frightened, I think she said that to Daksh in stress, in any case for Anika, I will jump at the chance to apologize. Anika takes a gander at him. Music plays… … ..

Ishqbaaz 22 November 2016 Zee Tv Full Episode

for her benefit. Daksh says hello Tia, its alright, and Anika, no should be conciliatory, I absolutely comprehend your remain of brain, simply overlook everything, are you okay. Anika says sorry Daksh. He says you don’t need to be sad, no sad and forget about it in fellowship, in the event that you require any bodyguard, I m here. Anika goes sorrowful eyes. Shivaye looks on.

Rudra chats on telephone and says no Chubby, there is no gathering. He does rap and says I m additionally a craftsman, there is no gathering, Shivaye is getting hitched, sangeet and all is occurring, I need to go to entomb school ball title, yes going to Delhi, how might you be so inept, I will call later. He sees Om and stops him, requesting that he come. Shivaye is accessible as needs be and says I know security watchmen are doing their work, I need to discover Anika’s assailants asap.

Rudra requests that Shivaye come. Rudra takes them to kitchen. Shivaye asks what do you need. Rudra says I need something to eat, I m exceptionally eager. Om asks what will you have, don’t kick the bucket. Rudra says anything, that can be made soon. He jokes. Shivaye says this was my old joke, will you have sandwich. Rudra says yes. They sing Khushiyaan baatenge murmur… . what’s more, move. They make sandwich.

Anika says sorry, I misjudged you. Daksh says its fine, anybody gets terrified in such case, I m feeling awful that you needed to experience this in my nearness, I don’t have any acquaintance with you respect me companion or not, but rather you are my most extraordinary companion. On the off chance that you require anything whenever, simply recall that I m dependably there for you. She grins and expresses gratitude toward him.

Rudra gives sandwish and says we didn’t get this minute since long, we got occupied in our lives. Shivaye says revise. Rudra asks Om whats going ahead in your life. Om says nothing, simply new presentation arrangements. Rudra says I m deduction to get gold in b-ball titles this time. Om says amazing, what a decent thought, don’t take pressure, in the event that you don’t win, get gold water on bronze award like last time, you think you will win gold in the event that you think. Rudra says its important to think like its important to accomplish, what are you considering. Shivaye says nothing regular. Om advises him that he is getting hitched. Shivaye yes.