Intel’s foray into processors for wearables hasn’t exactly gone swimmingly. That said, the wearable market’s foray into the popular consciousness hasn’t gone that well either. Now, according to Tech Crunch, Intel is about to lay off the vast majority of its wearable division staff and may retreat from the market entirely.

According to “sources close to the company,” Intel’s New Devices Group (NDG) is facing “a large number of layoffs,” with more to come from the larger New Technologies Group in which the NDG is included.

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1 week ago

According to Tech Crunch: “The company has already informed a number of employees about the changes, with many expected to lose their jobs before year’s end. Reports thus far have been varied, but all point to a large job loss for those in the NDG and the possible shut down of the group altogether.”

The news may not come as much of a shock to those that have been following Intel’s progress in the wearables space, especially considering its Basis Peak device recall and sales halt in the summer, but it’s always disappointing to see a major component maker exit an exciting new market.

What are your thoughts on the future of wearables? Are they a slow starter or a non-starter?