Earlier in the year, Google introduced its two-step verification Prompt feature to help make verifying your account identity a little easier. Today, user reports reveal that Google Prompt is starting to roll out to a selection of Android Wear devices as well.

For the feature to work, smartwatch owners much have their wearable connected up to a smartphone that has already been approved via the two-step authentication process. Once setup, users can allow or deny login attempts from their smartwatch, rather than having to reach for their phone. This update doesn’t replace the existing Google Authenticator feature on Android Wear devices, but simply makes managing requests a little easier.

In case you missed the original news, Google Prompt enables devices owners to respond to account authentication requests through a little prompt window, rather than having to enter a code sent via SMS. Users can simply tap yes or no to allow or block the login attempt.

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April 30, 2015

It isn’t clear how far or wide the Google Prompt roll out for Android Wear will be at this point, and it’s likely only available on Android devices for now. So we will be keeping an eye out for an official word from Google. Have you spotted the feature on your smartwatch?