Google is planning to make a major investment and expansion in the UK. The company revealed today that it plans to double its office space in London and hire up to 3,000 more employees by the year 2020.

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5 days ago

The Guardian reports that the UK expansion plans were revealed today by its CEO Sundar Pichai. He made the announcement during a speech at its current London office, which is located in King’s Cross. The new office expansion will be built next to the current building. It will be 10 stories high and have 650,000 square feet of space. It will ultimately cost Google £1 billion to build.

The company will continue to work from its current offices, and another building, which began construction earlier this year, will be occupied by Google, but not owned, in 2018. The new expansion announced today will be both occupied and owned by the company.

There were some worries that the UK’s upcoming “Brexit” departure from the European Union might cause some delays in the company’s plans but Pichai indicated today that Google remains committed to staying in the country and will continue to invest in its London offices.