Owners of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones now have a couple of new Live Cases to potentially buy to make their phones look cooler. The company is now officially selling the Google Earth and Google Trends cases in the Google Store for $49.99 each.

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2 weeks ago

As the name suggests, the Google Earth cases come with a selection of images from the company’s popular app. You can choose from images that show “ice formations in Antarctica, the beaches of the South Pacific, or the rolling deserts of East Africa” for the case. In addition, it comes with a live wallpaper that can display even more images from Google Earth on your Pixel smartphone.

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Google Earth and Trends Live Cases are now on sale for Pixel phones

The Google Trends case is even more interesting. It comes in two colors (Sunset and Asphalt) but the live wallpaper that is included actually shows what’s currently trending online via the Google Trends system. Trending topics can be viewed from that wallpaper and you can see what’s hot on the net in the last 24 hours.

Get it from the Google Store

As with any of the Live Cases for the Pixel phones, all of the new designs for the Google Earth and Google Trends cases can be moved or rotated before you buy them in the Google Store interface to get a more customized look to the case. Which of these new cases will you be getting for the Pixel phone?