Sports fans who demand access all the time to the latest news and videos are likely already using the ESPN app for Android. Today, the app become all the more useful thanks to an update that added a number of new features.

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July 24, 2016

Perhaps the biggest new feature is the ability for smartphone owners to cast live games to their TV via the Chromecast. The update also improves the app’s live streaming features, adding a stats button that will allow users to check out the latest statistics of their favorite football or basketball player without having to leave the stream. The ESPN app also adds new Live Cards that offers a quick look at the latest scores, news and commentary from the network’s lineup of pundits.

The news section of the app has also been refreshed with larger photos, quick summaries of each article and a better way to share news stories with others. Finally, the app adds full coverage of the ESPNs-sponsored X-Games, with fans of extreme sports able to keep up with all aspects of the annual Summer and Winter event, including alerts when your favorite snowboarder or BMX biker does something really cool.

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