Iqbal comes to push the entryway, calling Nusrat to open the entryway. Inside, the woman had cut her wrists with a blade as of now. Iqbal had broken the entryway by then, he comes to slap Nusrat and says she has no directly over her life, it’s exclusive his privilege. He tie a material piece over her hand, and cautions her not to do this once more. Shabnam asks Iqbal for what good reason he pays each night for a young lady who is prepared to suicide. Iqbal close the entryway from inside.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 23 November 2016 Full Video Episode

Rani remained with Raja’s photograph in the window, she tearfully addresses the photograph that she is missing him, yet he is hot as sun. She was cheerful for tomorrow, as it’s his birthday and she would present him something extraordinary. Raja spends the night, strained. Some kindred detainees ask what transpired. Raja was vexed that he battled Rani with no reason. His kindred

says spouse does not merit cherishing. Raja addresses the moon that one who never cherished doesn’t know the significance of affection too. Their great times streak before his eyes.

The following morning, Iqbal leaves Nusrat’s room. He goes over a man who perceives Iqbal, and insults over his effortlessness. Iqbal disappears from Thakur, as he is in a rush. Thakur says he is additionally in a rush to get the most delightful princess of this place. Iqbal leaves without remarking. Thakur affirms if something happened the previous evening? He advises Iqbal he had paid twofold to Shabnam, however Nusrat made a colossal show; at any rate one day she should be with him. Iqbal slaps Thakur. Thakur was angry as Iqbal raised his hand over him in light of Nusrat? Iqbal says she is his, he has kept her here in light of the fact that once in market, things aren’t brought home. Thakur requests that he give Nusrat on lease then? He then counters Iqbal’s punch. Shabnam comes there to quiet them down. Iqbal leaves, Thakkur was resolved to discover the genuine story. Iqbal must pay the cost of slapping him.

Raja sat lost in the prison. Rani tells the monitor that all detainees in prison will host gathering. Raja was elated to catch wind of Rani’s call. His colleagues insult, Raja says this is the thing that he needed from her; time on her birthday. His kindred recommends him to be strict, this will control his better half. Raja advises the constable he won’t converse with Rani. Rani affirms from the monitor about his birthday arrangements, and was resolved to make him up today.

Iqbal comes in and drinks dilute to quiet himself. His mom comes approaching where he was for throughout the night. She was stressed over the finesse of their home and cautions him to control himself. No mother would send their girl to a school whose proprietors invest evenings at such places. Iqbal minds her about her breaking points.

Rani comes to bloom shop and likes a blossom bunch. She stops the woman taking her most loved bunch, and requests them as its her better half’s birthday and he is furious also; in light of the fact that its his top choice. The woman was really Nusrat under the cloak and hands the blossoms to Rani. Rani expresses gratitude toward her, then asks whom she was taking them? Nusrat says she was taking them for supplication, however Rani needed them for adoration; her need was critical. Rani presents herself, Nusrat enlightens her regarding her name.

In the correctional facility, Raja sat irritate asking why Rani didn’t desire him. A few colleagues talk about the improvement is for a priest. Raja sat terse, that Rani could have accomplished something exceptional for him atleast today. He consents to his colleagues that he would be strict with Rani until she apologizes. A detainee spies the news of adornments to Kaal.