At long last, the elusive Ditto has appeared in Pokemon Go. The only non-legendary Pokemon of the original 151 that hadn’t yet made an appearance can now be captured and, as those familiar with the Pokemon may have anticipated, Ditto hides in plain sight.

Ditto is known for taking on the form of other Pokemon and thus you won’t see it in its natural form in the wild. Instead, you may find that after catching a Pokemon – reportedly common Pokemon like Rattatas, Pidgeys, Spearows and Magikarps – a cutscene will play to reveal that you, in fact, caught Ditto. Reports also suggest that Ditto can still be caught using lures and incense as with other Pokemon.

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2 days ago

Ditto was rumored to make its debut in the game after code from a Pokemon Go update earlier this month was discovered to include the Transform move used by Ditto (among other Pokemon). In the same code references to 100 new Pokemon were also discovered. Could this mean that they’re also on their way soon? We’ll keep you posted.