Devanshi 23 November 2016 Colors Tv Full Episode, The Episode begins with everybody getting stunned seeing Ishwar fine. Specialist checks Ishwar, and tells everybody that there was toxin in Ishwar’s blood, the bloom herbs and the creepy crawlies nibble has the toxic substance out of the body, this is marvel. Kusum thinks how did Ishwar get spared. Rajjo says the creepy crawlies have chomped Devanshi’s hands, and she is harmed, she has benevolently helped Ishwar.

Devanshi 23 November 2016 Colors Tv Full Episode

Everybody applaud Devanshi. Sarla says my little girl did supernatural occurrence. She has done unthinkable thing today, by sparing Kusum’s suhaag, Kusum was relinquishing her suhaag to spare every one of town’s ladies’ suhaag, Devanshi has spared Kusum’s suhaag, she did great to Kusum. Kusum says yes, its a marvel, once life comes in body, its supernatural occurrence, I was stunned thinking how did this enormous wonder happen, then Maiyya let me know that she has

made Devanshi do this, as she needed… … Sarla tosses kumkum all over irately.

Everybody get stunned. Sarla says I can’t see Kusum’s lackluster face, so I have put sindoor on her. She acts great infront of everybody. She says Maiyya is content with Devanshi, so she has picked her for this supernatural occurrence. Individuals serenade Devanshi’s name. Sarla says you have said this young lady is Maiyya’s ansh, we need you to proclaim this once more. The villagers say we as a whole need this, this young lady is Devi’s ansh. Kusum takes Devanshi in her arms and acts. Devanshi grins.

Media asks Devanshi how could she get herbs. Kusum gets furious and tells Mohan that she won’t bear this, and not give Sarla a chance to pass, I will tell everybody that Ishwar got spared as the toxic substance escaped his body. Mohan stops her. He requests that her not hit her own leg, individuals will attempt to ask who has offered toxic substance to Ishwar. Sarla tells everybody that Devanshi will sit in Kusum’s paalki and go her home. She says she is Maiyya’s ansh. She requests that Kusum allow. Kusum gives her endorsement. Devanshi is made to sit in the paalki. Sarla, Omi and everybody take her. Kusum and Mohan look on indignantly. Mohan requests that journalists abandon them now.

Nutan tells Geeta that Devanshi has done wonder, all villagers followed Devanshi. Rajjo gets back home and calls Geeta. Gopi stops the media. He admonishes Nutan’s sibling. He is furious on Devanshi, and says she is getting equivalent to Kusum and offending her, I can’t hold up under this. Nutan says Kusum’s chance is awful, by what method will she confront this time. The media says Kusum’s chance is over and now Devanshi will have her spot.

Mohan requests that Kusum overlook it and spare what will happen next, columnists are stating awful, come and answer them, if their conviction closes, this control will end. She gets furious. Everybody give philanthropy at Sarla’s home. Devanshi is harmed and sits as Devi symbol. Columnist gets some information about being Devi ansh. Devanshi says I don’t know anything. Sarla says I have done forecast that she is Devi ansh, she did numerous wonders. Kusum leaves house to converse with media. She acts sweet.