From now through the weekend, Tech Deals is offering a Humble Bundle-styled deal that puts a package of 10 impressive coding kits on sale for… well, whatever you feel like paying.

That’s right. Even if you just want to pay a single buck, you can still cash in on this offer.

There is of course a small catch. It’s one those familiar with Humble Bundles will recognize: Paying less than the average purchase price will only get you a stripped down version of the bundle. Still, right now the average price is still pretty low (only $15 at the time of writing).

The baseline offering is essentially just the Complete JavaScript Programming Course. That all by itself normally goes for $99, but forking over the average price will net you 9 additional courses that have a usual combined value of $1,500.

This includes such popular favorites as The Complete Python Course (normally $195) as well as The Complete Web Developer Masterclass (normally $195).

The one that really breaks the bank, however, is the course focused on learning Google’s Go Programming Language, which was designed with absolute beginners in mind. It’s  an ideal learning environment for those who have never played around with even the basics of programming, but usually you would have to fork over $249 for that baby alone.

Here’s the full listing:

Stop letting your interest in technology be a passive hobby. Get cracking and start creating instead of just consuming! You’ll gain lifetime access to all course materials, and it could even be the beginning of a lucrative career.

After all, the future will be programmed.

Although this deal lasts through Sunday, it might be a good idea to jump on it sooner rather than later. The nature of the ‘pay-above-average’ method means that the cost of the bundle will steadily rise over the course of the next five days.

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