As we use our smartphones and tablets more and more to store photos, videos and music files, your onboard storage can fill up pretty quick. If your device has a microSD slot, you can quickly solve that problem. Today, Amazon has a sale on the 64GB version of the Samsung EVO microSD card for just $22.40.

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October 13, 2016

In case you are wondering, that price is a huge 63 percent discount compared to its $59.99 list price tag. You will be saving $37.59 by getting this version of the Samsung EVO at this price. Smaller versions of the microSD card are also on sale at Amazon, with the 16GB version selling for just $8.99 (a savings of $6) and the 32GB version priced at $18.49 (a discount of $19.51).

However, why get the smaller versions when for a few dollars more you can go and grab the big 64GB Samsung EVO card? You and your mobile device deserve to get the large bump in storage, so why not go for it and grab this Amazon deal while you can.

What sort of files do you use the most that need a bigger microSD card?

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