Carphone Warehouse is trying hard to get your attention before the holiday shopping season gets in full swing. The company started offering a free VR Goji headset with any pay monthly smartphone purchase a couple of days ago. Now, the retailer is taking it up a notch with its »Black Tag Event«. It’s currently offering a discount in the amount of 70 pounds for Google’s Pixel smartphones, which launched about a month ago. The smaller of the two – Pixel — will set you back 529.99 pounds, while the Pixel XL can be yours for 649.99 pounds.

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4 weeks ago

Do note that the offer is only valid for the 32GB version of the devices. So if you want to get your hands on the 128GB model, you’ll, unfortunately, have to pay full price – £699.99 (Pixel) and £819.99 (Pixel XL).

This is currently the best deal for Google’s Pixel smartphones we’ve seen in the UK. As always, the deal won’t last forever, so if you’re interested in getting it, head over to Carphone Warehouse’s official website by clicking the button below. You can choose between the Quite Black or Very Silver color options, while the Really Blue version still remains a US exclusive.

Are you thinking of getting this deal? Will you be opting for the Pixel or Pixel XL? Let us know.

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