What makes this watch so enticing? Of course, you can learn all the details in our Samsung Gear S3 hands-on post, but Samsung believes their engineering is a big part of this success. The Korean manufacturer has put together an article in which they show us all the parts and pieces that “make the Samsung Gear S3 tick”.

The Samsung Gear S2 was something completely unique, bringing forth innovation both in terms of design and software. But things can always get better, and Samsung definitely improved upon an already awesome experience with the announcement of the Gear S3 at IFA 2016.

The design is much more refined, and Sammy continues to invest into its Tizen-powered software, which hasn’t offered a bad experience so far. In fact, the Samsung Gear S3 has made it to our ‘Best smartwatches‘ feature, where it occupies the very first spot in the list.

Taking a look at the guts

Come take a look at how the Samsung Gear S3 is built

According to Samsung, the Gear S3 is mainly composed of 6 parts: the bezel/front case, the display, the bracket, the mainboard, the rear case and the band. They go ahead and specify each part’s function, components and purpose.

There’s nothing odd or crazy that we can notice, but you can go ahead and check the source to see all the details. It’s definitely interesting to read; especially once you start getting to the materials used and other engineering details. This is one hell of a smartwatch!