Moto Z is “likely” to get a Tango 3D camera Moto Mod


The biggest feature in Motorola’s Moto Z family of smartphones is their support for Moto Mods, which are modular add-ons that can be quickly connected to the back to add extra features to those devices. Today, Motorola CEO Aymar de Lencquesaing said the company will “likely” release a Moto Mod in the future that will add support for Google’s Tango 3D camera technology to the Moto Z.

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Of course, this is one of the exact reasons why Lenovo and Motorola created Moto Mods in the first place. If an up-and-coming technology comes out that may be of interest to users, creating a Moto Mod with that functionality is much easier than building it into a smartphone. de Lencquesaing stated that the augmented reality features that can be used with the Tango camera will fit well within Motorola’s smartphone plans:

Augmented reality on a phone is a technology that’s likely to stick. Of course we’ll follow, or lead, the market in this area.

Motorola’s parent company, Lenovo, launched the first Tango-enabled smartphone, the Phab 2 Pro, earlier this month. The large 6.4-inch unlocked device is currently priced at $499.99, and there are over 35 apps in the Google Play Store that specifically support Tango’s AR features. There are rumors that ASUS could announce its own Tango-based smartphone in January during CES 2017.

Currently, the Moto Z family of Moto Mods directly from Motorola include an external speaker, an extra battery and projector. More recently, Verizon began selling a Moto Mod battery pack made by Mophie. Motorola has also partner with the Indiegogo crowd funding website to help hardware developers fund the creation of even more Moto Mods.

ASUS could reveal its Tango-based ZenFone AR phone at CES 2017

Another smartphone that will use Google’s Tango 3D mapping technology maybe revealed in the near future. A new report claims that ASUS CEO Jerry Shen could reveal that phone, the ZenFone AR, as part of the company’s announcements in early January during the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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This new report comes from Digitimes, who claims this info came directly from Shen. With that said, it’s best if we take this information with a grain of salt.

Tango, which Google has been developing for years, uses its technology to map out the outside world with its camera. The smartphone can then use that map for AR-based games and apps. Earlier this month, Lenovo launched the first commercial smartphone with a Tango-based camera, the 6.4-inch Phab 2 Pro.

Today’s report said that the ASUS ZenFone AR will come with “advanced functionality and performance at a competitive price”, according to Shen. However, that’s all we know about the device at the moment. Hopefully we will learn much more at CES 2017.

The same report also stated that the ASUS ZenFone 4 smartphones will begin shipping in the second quarter of 2017. Once again Shen provided little to no details about the phones, other than they will have “enhanced cameras”. Finally, an all-in-one VR device from ASUS could be launched in the third quarter of 2017.