Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 might make it easy to schedule a doctor’s appointment

Another day, another Galaxy S8 rumor.

There’s been a lot reported and rumored about the hardware inside the upcoming, and officially unannounced, Samsung Galaxy S8. However, not much has been said on any software app updates that are coming for the smartphone. Today, a new story claims that the company’s Samsung S Health app will get a big upgrade around the time the Galaxy S8 is launched.

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According to SamMobile, citing unnamed sources, this S Health app update will add integrations with WebMD that will allow the app to directly search WebMD’s database for information on any diseases, symptoms and drugs. It will also reportedly add support for another service, Amwell, that offers online chats and appointments with real doctors.

In addition, the story claims the update to the app will allow info on any symptoms, photos and medical prescriptions to be stored on the phone for later use and you will also be able to quickly check a list of nearby pharmacies. Finally, if there is a real medical emergency, the app will reportedly let you dial 911 directly.

The report says these updates should be available in the US along the time the Galaxy S8 itself is launched, which at the moment is rumored to happen in mid-April. While the Samsung S Health app was previously available for just a few of the company’s Galaxy smartphones, it has since expanded its reach and is now available for any Android device running KitKat 4.4 and above.

This render is a good summary of all the credible Galaxy S8 design rumors


It’s that time of the year. Between CES in early January and MWC in late February, rumors of flagships phones are running wild. It’s a great time to be a tech fan, for sure – everyone loves leaks – but let’s face it, a lot of the noise around major phone launches is just that: noise.

Full roundup: Galaxy S8 – everything we know so far

Two categories of stories that we usually classify as noise here at Android Authority are stories based on “leaked” case designs and fan renders. We tend to skip them because they are hardly ever indicative of what manufacturers are actually doing with the phones in question. At best, they are educated guesses. At worst, they are just junk.

We’re making an exception with the render below (which is based on this alleged Galaxy S8 case) because we think it’s a good depiction of what Samsung is likely to be doing with the newest Galaxy S.

The render was supplied to SamMobile by a reader called Chris. There’s no pretense here that it’s representing the real product, but it’s a good way to visualize what various reports have been saying about the Galaxy S8.

Let’s break down the elements of the render:

  • Overall design Samsung is likely to keep the very successful design language it launched with the Galaxy S6. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to come up with a completely new design when the existing one is well-known, relatively new, and closely associated to Samsung. We think Samsung will only make small tweaks to the recipe, like changing the location and styling of the flash module.
  • No physical home button This one seems well established already. Multiple reports out of Korea say that Samsung will finally abandon the physical home button in favor of on-screen keys.
  • High screen-t0-body ratio “Bezel-less” phones are all the rage and Samsung will likely capitalize on this trend, helped by the removal of the home button.
  • More curves – Another safe bet is that Samsung will make the Galaxy S8 even “edgier.” The Edge design has been immensely successful, even spawning imitators, so expect Samsung to double down on it. According to Korean reports, the S8 will feature curved sides on the top and bottom, in addition to the sides.
  • No visible fingerprint sensor – Rumor has it Samsung will somehow integrate the fingerprint sensor functionality in the screen, allowing for a much cleaner design.

A few questionable details:

  • The camera There have been some rumors that Samsung would use a dual camera on the Galaxy S8.
  • The color Gold is still popular, but rich colors are becoming increasingly trendy in phone design. Expect the Galaxy S8 to come in some vibrant color options.
  • The Samsung logo The Samsung logo on the bottom front of the device looks out of place.
  • The flash/heart rate sensor There’s something off about the placement of the flash/heart rate monitor on this render.

What do you think? Would you buy the Galaxy S8 if it looked close to this render?

Galaxy S8 coming week beginning April 17, report suggests


Samsung Electronics could release the Samsung Galaxy S8 in mid-April, according to a report from The Investor. The Korean business news site received the information from an industry source, who suggested that the new flagship phone could appear specifically in the third week of April, on the condition of anonymity.

The Investor also claims that some news outlets have suggested that the S8 would be released precisely on Tuesday, April 18. Cho Seo-hee, a spokesperson of Samsung Electronics, responded to the claims by saying, “We cannot confirm the details of the Galaxy S8 launch.”

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The proposed April release date would be in keeping with those of the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6, though Samsung was early in its yearly release cycle with the Galaxy S7, which arrived in March 2016. The suspected extra month of development time for the Galaxy S8 may help Samsung in its quality assurance checks, something it will be keen to focus on following the cancellation of the Galaxy Note 7.

Other recent rumors surrounding the Galaxy S8 include that it will ditch the 3.5 mm audio jack, like Apple on the iPhone 7, along with its characteristic home button. Find out more details in our video below.

Samsung expected to use SDI batteries for Galaxy S8, despite initial Note 7 suspicion


Samsung Electronics will use batteries supplied by its Samsung SDI branch for the Galaxy S8, according to a new report. The information arrives from The Investor, which claims that Samsung Electronics is seeking the SDI department’s services despite previously suspecting its batteries were responsible for the Galaxy Note 7’s overheating issue.

Samsung is said to have lost billions of dollars on the cancelled Galaxy Note 7 last year, following reports of it catching fire. After initially recalling the handset and replacing the batteries with an alternative from Chinese battery firm ATL, the phones continued to malfunction, leading Samsung to permanently cease production of the device.

Samsung is expected to reveal the cause of the problem this month, but it would appear that the SDI batteries were not chiefly responsible — if responsible at all — for the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire.

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Meanwhile, Samsung is said to be readying 10 million Galaxy S8 units as it prepares for its April launch. The report arrives from Korean site Etnews which claims that initial parts will arrive at Samsung factories in February, with mass production beginning in March.

Samsung sold 10 million units of its Galaxy S7 the first month after its release last March, indicating that the Korean manufacturer could be similarly confident about the sales of its upcoming handset.

Samsung might be launching wireless in-ear headphones with the Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 is supposedly going to follow suit with other OEMs that have decided to remove the 3.5 mm analog headphone port. Until this point though, we hadn’t heard what Samsung plans to do to cash in on the valuable accessories market that opportunity will open up. We’re now being told that Samsung has plans to launch a new pair of wireless in-ear headphones alongside the S8 next year.

Sam Mobile reports they are intended as a competitor for Apple’s AirPods (which also work on Android devices). But Samsung already has the Gear Icon X wireless earbuds that cost $150. The site also reports the new earbuds might be bundled in the box with the Galaxy S8, but that would make them a much cheaper alternative to the Icon X.

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While the decision to remove the analog port from the Galaxy S8 isn’t far-fetched, it is definitely the kind of risky move that doesn’t seem to make much sense right now. Samsung needs everything to go right with the Galaxy S8. Removing a crowd-pleasing legacy item like the 3.5 mm port just seems like an easy way to upset a lot of folks.

Sure, removing it opens up some valuable real estate under the hood for other tech, but keeping it would surely have more benefits on the public relations front. Either way, we will certainly be hearing more about the Galaxy S8 headphones as time wears on, with more leaks appearing every day, despite the rumor that the device won’t be launched until April next year.

Do you think Samsung should keep the 3.5 mm port? Or is removing it the better option?

Does a Galaxy S8 stylus accessory make any sense?

The rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 continue to pile up on the Internet like a bad car wreck. The latest such unconfirmed report claims that the company plans to offer its S Pen stylus as an optional accessory for the phone. Previously, the S Pen has been reserved exclusively for the Note family, including the recent, and later recalled, Galaxy Note 7.

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So why would Samsung add the Note’s biggest differentiator to the Galaxy S family? Does this rumor even make any sense?

The rumor in question, and why Samsung would consider such a move

Like all such rumors, a grain of salt is certainly required here. This particular report comes from a Weibo leaker account in China, and therefore is all but impossible to verify at this stage. But what motivation might Samsung have for making this move? First, if you believe certain rumors, the Galaxy S8 might offer a variant with a huge 6-inch display, which of course would make it perfect for the S Pen.

Adding S Pen support could ensure that those disappointed Note 7 owners will stick around

It’s also more than possible that Samsung might be throwing a bone to all those Note 7 owners who had to return the device with no real alternative other than the now aging Note 5. Adding S Pen support could ensure that those disappointed Note 7 owners will stick around and continue to purchase new high-end smartphones from Samsung.

What this might mean for the Note brand

Does a Galaxy S8 stylus accessory make any sense?

In addition to the S Pen, the Note series also stands apart thanks to its special software which adds a plethora of special features that allow users to make the most of Samsung’s stylus. In order for this accessory to make any sense, Samsung would have to bring these software add-ons over the Galaxy S family as well.

Doing this would effectively render the Note series pointless. The only real difference would be if you wanted the S-Pen baked in, or as an add-on — possibly with a holder built into some kind of case. If Samsung did this, there just wouldn’t be enough of a difference to make the Note family stand out anymore.

Has the Note brand has become irrelevant?

In recent years the Galaxy S series has evolved significantly, and the line between the Note and S phones have become further blurred each year. Once upon a time they shared different key specs, different aesthetic designs, and more. Ever since the Galaxy S6, the two lines have arguably been marching towards assimilation. Maybe now is the time to finally merge the two families together?

Ever since the Galaxy S6, the two lines have arguably been marching towards assimilation.

The fact is that the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 earlier this year was one of the biggest blunders in smartphone history. Samsung has been working hard at damage control, going so far as to roll out updates to the remaining units in the US to prevent its battery from charging, making it a really expensive paperweight. As the Note and S family are already more closely linked together these days, it isn’t completely out of the quesiton that Samsung might considering simply ditching the Note brand, opting to move some of its features over to the Galaxy brand.

Again, it is also possible that adding S Pen support to the Galaxy S8 could be just a stop gap measure by the company.

As we mentioned in a recent editorial, Samsung sent out on-screen messages to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge owners stating that their devices were safe and not a part of the Note 7 recall. That shows the company knows many, perhaps most, owners of its phones don’t know the difference between the Galaxy S and Note series. Adding stylus support for the S8 will help the few hardcore Note owners get through the gap before Samsung eventually launches the Note 8 in about a year, but everyone else will likely not really care that much.

Honestly, we really don’t know the future

Does a Galaxy S8 stylus accessory make any sense?

It’s important to remember this is only a rumor. It’s more that possible that this S Pen story is completely off-base, and quite frankly, we would not be surprised if it turned out to be bogus.

Reasons Samsung might consider this move pretty much fall under one of the following scenarios:

  • Samsung realizes the Note brand is too tarnished to continue, but still wants a way to appease S-Pen fans.
  • Samsung plans to release a Note 8 eventually, but want to give S-Pen fans an alternative, stop gap option other than the Note 5.

At the end of the day though, Samsung continues to be a major force in the industry and recent polls suggest Samsung’s brand wasn’t as hurt by this debacle as one might assume. Note users, in particular, tend to be a very loyal breed, and so killing the line completely might really get these fanbase stirred up in a not so great way.

It’s also important to remember that many average users don’t really know the difference between the S and Note lines anyhow, so killing the brand might not make that much of difference to the company’s reputation anyhow — as we highlighted in a recent feature.

What do you think about the possibility of the Samsung Galaxy S8 getting an optional S Pen accessory? Would you buy it along with the phone if it were available, and should Samsung offer this option in the first place, or should it just wait until the next Note phone is launched? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Bixby assistant in Samsung Galaxy S8 may be used in all pre-installed apps


The rumor mill for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 continues to churn out new stories on Samsung’s upcoming flagship. The latest such report claims that the next flagship smartphone from Samsung will be using its new Bixby voice assistant for nearly all of its pre-installed apps.

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You may remember that Samsung acquired the AI company Viv Labs a few months ago, and later the company admitted it would be adding a new AI assistant to the Galaxy S8. Today’s report from SamMobile claims that the new Bixby assistant, powered by the AI tech developed by Viv, will likely replace the current S Voice app in the Galaxy S8.

The story says that Bixby could be used by owners of the phone to, for example, ask for specific pictures and videos in Samsung’s own Gallery app. The report also claims, via their unnamed sources, that most of Galaxy S8’s native apps will get a user interface revamp that will make them all look similar. It adds that the phone’s status bar will always be visible on the phone.

Of course, none of this has been officially confirmed by Samsung, so take this report with an appropriate grain of salt. The latest rumors claim that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be officially revealed sometime in April, which means it could miss the normal announcement time frame for the 2017 Mobile World Congress trade show in late February.

What’s going on all with all these Galaxy S8 size rumors?


First we were told the Galaxy S8 would come in two sizes that match up with the existing Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches. Then, that number changed to 5.7 inches and 6.2 inches. Now, we’re getting another rumor that puts the Galaxy S8 at 5 inches and 6 inches. So what gives?

There are a couple of possibilities, the first of which is that these are all just made up numbers, educated (or not) guesses or fan site projections based on who knows what. That may be true, and if so, don’t mean much. But the alternative – that they are actually based on some real evidence – is much more interesting.

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The first, and most likely possibility, is that they are leaks based on actual device prototypes or display panels that Samsung has made or is currently making. Considering the vacuum left by the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 7, it makes sense that Samsung might consider a slightly larger display on the Galaxy S8: to attract Note fans. But that logic only flies if the entire Note line is really dead, and so far we’ve seen no convincing proof of that.

Perhaps the Galaxy S7 was less popular than the edge due to its smaller size and not just its lack of curves.

There’s also the apparent absence of a flat-screened version of the S8 to consider. Samsung would have conducted plenty of market research on why the Galaxy S7 wasn’t as popular as the edge variant and some of that (I’m just speculating here) may have come down to its smaller size and not just its lack of curves.

If that’s the case, there’s another possible reason why Samsung might bump the Galaxy S8 size up a notch. We’re being told the new names are Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, after all, but then again, a year ago we were all under the impression there would be a Galaxy S7 Edge Plus too, and a Galaxy S5 Prime a few years before that…

Manufacturers naturally make multiple versions of a device in the R&D stage. Some of these will, of course, feature different display sizes to what eventually gets released, and I’m sure there’s a larger-screened version of the S8 somewhere at Samsung HQ. Most of those prototypes never see the light of day and even fewer are ever actually leaked in any form.

Some companies reportedly go so far as to bolt new phone prototypes to work benches surrounded by dummy cases to prevent leaks or theft (Apple famously tracked all outgoing employee email at one point to see who leaked information on upcoming products).

What’s going on all with all these Galaxy S8 size rumors?

But depending on who those prototypes are shown to – battery makers, display partners, case manufacturers, engineers, production line workers and so on – it is obviously hard to keep the proverbial cat in the bag forever. Anyone that has seen a pre-release Galaxy device can potentially leak what they have seen.

Then there’s the possibility that the leaks come from hard-nosed journalists digging through publicly-available data for any trail of breadcrumbs that might lead to some juicy scoop. Import listings, component orders, demo units in R&D centers, placeholder webpages, benchmark results, sloppy retail partners: all of these can be responsible for revealing data a company would prefer wasn’t public.

A lot of leaks also come purely from word-of-mouth: not on the leaker’s physical access to a prototype or display panel, not on some actual data uncovered online or elsewhere. You know the deal: we’re always hearing new reports out of South Korea that claim an unnamed source said this or that about some unannounced product with no evidence to back it up. We never even know if the leaker has actually seen the device in question or just heard it from somewhere.

Conflicting information can range from credible leaks based on eyewitness accounts, publicly-available data, word-of-mouth or figments of leakers' imaginations.

With all that said, there are plenty of different plausible ways that credible details might come to light. But without any way to properly verify their veracity, they typically only serve to muddy the waters. This is what we’re facing now (some even claim Samsung is intentionally leaking conflicting information to keep those waters muddy). All of these rumored screen sizes could be based on some kind of empirical evidence, or maybe they’re not.

No matter which of these rumors you put stock in right now, rest assured they’re not likely to stop anytime soon. They could be figments of the author’s imaginations, legitimate facts based on eyewitness accounts or connect-the-dots thinking drawn from cryptic clues that may or may not add up to much in the long run. So, until the Galaxy S8 is finally revealed, just pick the screen size pair you prefer and go with that until something more concrete comes along.

What sizes do you think the S8 will come in? What sizes do you want it to come in?

Samsung Galaxy S8 may not offer its own AI assistant after all


The Samsung Galaxy S8 was supposed to have its own AI assistant similar to Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s own Assistant. Now a new, unconfirmed report claims that a previous patent agreement between Samsung and Google may prevent the Galaxy S8 from adding its own digital assistant.

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Following Samsung’s acquisition of the AI firm Viv Labs earlier this year, the company admitted  in November that it was bringing a new AI digital assistant to the Galaxy S8 and other Samsung products. However, according to a report on Korea Business, Google is putting pressure on Samsung to kill those plans.

The dispute reportedly is based on a patent-sharing agreement that Samsung and Google signed in 2014. It is supposed to allow both companies to use each other’s patents in their devices and services for 10 years. However, that deal also has a non-compete clause that, in theory, could be used by Google as leverage to kill Samsung’s digital assistant plans for the Galaxy S8.

Of course, these kinds of patent deals could have some loopholes that might allow Samsung to add an AI assistant in the Galaxy S8. Alternatively, the two companies could also enter negotiations so that the non-compete clause would not apply.

As stated previously, this report has not been confirmed by Samsung nor Google, so be sure to take it with a grain of salt.

The most recent rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 claim that it will be officially revealed in April at a New York City press event.

Samsung aiming to achieve highest ever operating profits next year

Samsung is aiming to achieve its highest ever operating profits next year, according to a report from Business Korea. The news arrives during one of Samsung Electronics biannual global strategy meetings, running from December 19-22, throughout which the company is expected to discuss the current market conditions and strategy for 2017.

An “official familiar with Samsung Electronics” told Business Korea that Samsung’s plans would allow it to “exceed” its record 36.8 trillion won (US$30.95 billion) operating profits from 2013. The official said that “the price of semiconductors and displays is rising and the dollar remains strong,” and that this would help Samsung “increase exports.”

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Samsung was on course to smash the 30 trillion won barrier once again in 2016 before the Galaxy Note 7 cancellation caused a setback. Samsung is now working on its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S8, and has made calls for its employees to stop leaking confidential product information as it makes attempts to ensure its successful launch.