Deal: OnePlus offering Black Friday discounts on accessories

Black Friday is here everybody. As every year, there are a ton of deals available to choose from. We have already listed quite a few of them in our massive tech deals post (not to mention Black Friday game deals), so make sure to check it out if you like big savings.

We have come across another interesting deal, suitable for those who are currently using the OnePlus 3, those who have ordered the recently announced OnePlus 3T or anyone that likes OnePlus gear. Keeping up with the Black Friday spirit, the Chinese company is offering a few interesting deals on accessories over at their official online store.

You can pimp out your OnePlus device with the ‘Go Big or Go Home Bundle’, which is now 10 percent off — starting at $74.68. It includes a protective case of your choice, a Dash power adapter, the Bullets V2 in-ear headphones (black or white), the Dash type-C cable, and a tempered glass screen protector.

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The company is also offering 10 percent off its ‘Essential Bundle’ – which contains a protective case and tempered glass screen protector – which starts at $26.65. Obviously, you can buy most (not all) of the accessories individually as well and still save a few bucks. But please keep in mind that all orders under $100 are subject to a shipping fee.

There are more deals available, including shirts and bags, so if you want to check them out, head over to the OnePlus website by clicking the button below. And if you decide to buy a few accessories for your smartphone, do let us know in the comments how you like them. Happy shopping.

OnePlus Black Friday Deals

OxygenOS 3.2.8 update is rolling out to the OnePlus 3 now

OnePlus has released a software update for the OnePlus 3. Before you get too excited, let me just start by saying that this is not the promised Nougat update you are all waiting for. According to the company, Google’s latest version of its OS will hit the recently announced OnePlus 3T and its slightly older discontinued brother by the end of the year.

For now, the OnePlus 3 has been updated to OxygenOS version 3.2.8, which brings a few incremental features to the device. The most interesting one is the addition of 1080p 60fps video recording, hinted at recently by the team in a Reddit AMA.

The update also adds an emergency calling feature for Indian users, which can be triggered by pressing the power button three times, as well as Snapchat optimization — with fixes for video calling and scrolling lags. And as always, general bug fixes that should hopefully make the device run even smoother are included in the latest version of OxygenOS.

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If you own a OnePlus 3, keep in mind that the update won’t hit all devices at once. A small percentage of users should receive it today, while the rest will be able to download it over the course of the next few days.

Let us know when you receive the update and what you think of it in the comment section below. We always love to hear your thoughts on these things.

The OnePlus 3T is headed to India on December 2


OnePlus has announced that its new smartphone, the OnePlus 3T, will launch in India on Friday, December 2. OnePlus made the announcement in a video posted on its Facebook page, which saw OnePlus General Manager for India Vikas Agarwal complete a bungee jump from India’s highest jumping point.

“The OnePlus 3T is all about extreme power,” said Agarwal in the video. “And we have chosen the extreme sport of bungee jumping to announce the launch date.”

The 3T launch date can be seen on a banner at the end of the clip, but OnePlus hasn’t specified a price point for the device in India. The device was released on Tuesday in the US for $439.

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We recently reviewed the 3T and praised its battery life and DASH charging functionality, as well as the improved front-facing camera. For all our thoughts, check out our full OnePlus 3T review.

OnePlus team talks updates, what’s new with 3T, and more in Reddit AMA


OnePlus started out as a scrappy underdog, at least in appearance, but has certainly succeeded in making a name for itself, especially with the quite well received OnePlus 3 and 3T. To help answer any questions that fans may have had about the new handset, and how things are going at OnePlus in general, the company recently took part in a Reddit AMA.

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, Aaron from the ROM team, Jonathon from Customer Services, Steven from Logistics, and Caio from the EU team took part in the AMA. Here are some cherry picked best bits:

Q: Will the OnePlus 3 and 3T be updated to Android 7.0 or 7.1?

A: “We are initially shipping with 7.0, 7.1 was released midway through development and integrating it would have delayed the update.”

Q: Update cycle for OP3 and OP3T?

A: “Both devices will be on the same update schedule following Nougat.”

Q: How is the merger of Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS shaping up?

A:we are able to move at much faster pace than before while maintaining two different products with the same team.”

Q: Why launch the OnePlus 3T 6 months after the initial launch of the 3?

A:We had the capability to improve the product, wanted to try it out, so we did.”

Q: Can I charge the 3T with the 5V/3A charger for my current Nexus 5X without any risk of damage?

A:You’re free to use 3rd party chargers, but the dash charging will only kick in with the official cable and adapter.”

Q: Does the 3T’s front camera come with PDAF or not?

A: “The front camera on the OP3T is fixed focus.”

Q: Why not improve the 3T’s rear camera?

A: We didn’t have any improvements ready to go.

Q: Why not make it to be able to put 1 sim card and an sd card insted of the second sim card?

A:What’s the pain point that SD card solves? We now have a 128GB UFS2.0 version that performs so much better than any external storage could.”

Q: What are your thoughts on disgruntled devs and their statement that they won’t support the 3T with kernels or roms?

A: “Dev support is something we’re serious about, and it’s an area where we really put our money where our mouth is. Honestly, we just love the custom ROM scene. It’s why we are one of the few that allow for rooting/installing custom ROMs without voiding warranty. It’s also why we always release kernel sources and devices trees super early, as mentioned in the OP.

As for devs who are upset about the 3T – we hear you, we understand where you are coming from, and it’s something we were prepared for. We have something planned (that we can’t announce just yet) to address this. Just hang on a bit. We got you.”

Q: Why did you not put 3400 mah in the OP3? Apparently it fits.

A: We were testing the reliability of a higher density cell. The tests weren’t ready in time for OP3. Quality is very important, especially when it comes to battery. It’s better to be on the safe side.

Q: Why not support Daydream?

A: Daydream was announced after the product design of the OnePlus 3, so we did not design is with Daydream compatibility in mind.

Q: Do you guys see yourself releasing multiple product lines in the near future?

A: Maybe when we’re 10x our current size. Still a lot of work to do better before product line expansion.

Q: What do you guys feel like you’ve learned from the OnePlus X and 2?

A: To think more, and reflect more. To better know ourselves and our situation, and do the right thing. In other words, to find our own true north, and not to have noise such as the market or competition lead us.

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Hopefully that has answered your important questions about the OnePlus 3T and offered a little about what the company has planned regarding future updates and the direction of the company. If you fancy sifting through the rest of the Q&A, you can check out the full thread here.

OnePlus gear now available to purchase in India


OnePlus has managed to carve out a bit of a name for itself in the Indian smartphone market and is now upping its presence by bringing a small range of accessories to its online store in the country. From today, OnePlus fans can pick up a travel bag or a branded t-shirt to show off their support for the unconventional smartphone company.

There are only four items on sale in the store’s gear section right now, but it’s pretty much the same stuff you can buy in any of the company’s other regional stores. Those looking for something to store all their gadgets in might find the large Travel backpack quite appealing. The Travel Messenger bag is a little smaller, but it is still big enough to contain a 13-inch laptop. It comes in your choice of black or blue grey colors. Here’s a breakdown of what’s on sale:

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If you’re after a smartphone, the OnePlus 3 can currently be picked up through the official website for Rs. 27,999. The company has also confirmed that it is looking to bring the new OnePlus 3T to the country as a “top priority” and there’s already a link on the Indian store page. Unfortunately this just gives a 404 error for now, and OnePlus has not yet given a date about when the phone will be launching in India.

OnePlus 3T now available in the US and Canada for $439 and $479


Last week, OnePlus announced the OnePlus 3T, its newest flagship device. When compared to its now discontinued predecessor, it brings a few hardware upgrades, a new color option, and a slightly higher price tag to the table.

Starting today, the OnePlus 3T is available to consumers in the US and Canada. The 64 GB version will set you back $439, while the 128 GB model can be yours for an additional 40 bucks – $479. At this time, the device is only available in the new Gunmetal color. The Soft Gold color option should hit the market in late December.

According to OnePlus’ website, the 3T will ship immediately, which means you’ll get it delivered to your front door in 3-7 days (standard shipping) or 1-3 business days (priority shipping). Standard shipping is free, and in case you don’t like the device, you can return it hassle-free within the first 15 days.

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The OnePlus 3T comes with a 1-year warranty, but you’re also able to pay extra for an On-Guard protection plan, starting at $20 for 12 months’ coverage. Unlike the standard warranty, On-Guard has you covered in case of accidents like drops, spills, and cracks and not just manufacturing defects and the like.

OnePlus also has a selection of accessories for the OnePlus 3T, which will also fit the regular OnePlus 3. You can pimp it out with a few different cases, a screen protector and similar products.

So, there you have it. If you want to get your hands on the new OnePlus 3T as soon as possible, head over to OnePlus’s website to place an order by clicking the button below — US and Canada only. In case you’re from the old continent, you’ll have to wait for a few more days. The device will be available in Europe starting November 28.

Any takers?

Get the OnePlus 3T

The OnePlus 3 will get updates just as long as the OnePlus 3T

Following the arrival of the updated OnePlus 3T and discontinuation of the original OnePlus 3, owners of the original device were feeling a little trepidatious that they may be left behind. We’ve already confirmed that updates for both devices will arrive at the same time, but we now have confirmation that the OnePlus 3 will get every update the OnePlus 3T receives, effectively adding six months to its update shelf life.

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To be clear, the OnePlus 3, despite coming out six months earlier than the 3T, will continue to receive updates alongside the OnePlus 3T until the newer device reaches the end of its update life cycle. This is obviously great news for any OnePlus 3 owners worried about the update fate of their now “old” device.

The OnePlus 3 will continue to receive updates alongside the OnePlus 3T until the newer device reaches the end of its update life cycle.

Unfortunately, OnePlus doesn’t make any guarantees on exactly how long a device will receive support, so it’s hard to predict which Android version will be the last update you can expect for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. Of course, even if we had a solid end date for support, that still leaves the question of OnePlus’ ability to deliver a new Android version in a timely manner.

Software has always been OnePlus’ biggest weak spot. Not the quality of the software, mind you, just the company’s ability to actually get it out. On this front it’s safe to say that OnePlus’ update reputation is… let’s say, besmirched. But it looks like the company is at least trying to turn that reputation around. Let’s just hope that this time the promise pans out.

What Android version do you expect to be the last for the OnePlus 3 family?

Are you buying the OnePlus 3T? [Poll of the Week]

Last week’s poll summary: Out of over 1,700 total votes, 38.9% of our readers said they’ve been very happy with Google Home thus far. 20.4% of our readers say that they like the idea of Google Home, though it’s just too limited right now. 18.6% say that they think Google Home is great, but they have no plans to buy one.
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OnePlus’ new flagship is finally here, and it’s one heck of a phone. While the new OnePlus 3T shares a lot in common with its predecessor, the OnePlus 3, there are plenty of improvements under the hood that could potentially make this one of the best values of the year.

The 3T is basically a snappier, longer lasting version of the OnePlus 3

The 3T is basically a snappier, longer lasting version of the OnePlus 3, and that’s thanks to the upgraded processor and battery size. Under the hood, you’ll find Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 821 processor clocked at 2.35GHz, backed by 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM. It also sports a non-removable 3,400mAh battery, which is a 13-percent increase from the OnePlus 3’s 3,000mAh unit. Of course, the 3T also supports OnePlus’ Dash Charge technology, which the company says will get you enough power for the day with just 30 minutes on the charger. The last major improvement can be found with the front-facing camera sensor. The 3T sports a 16MP Samsung 3P8SP front-facing sensor, with a pixel size of 1.0μm and an f/2.0 aperture. This should help low-light selfie quality quite a bit.

With that said, we want to know – are you buying the OnePlus 3T, or are you passing on OnePlus’ new flagship? Be sure to cast your vote in the poll below, and if you have anything to add, feel free to leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

OnePlus 3 receives OxygenOS 3.5.5 Beta 7 update


OnePlus has released another beta build for its OnePlus 3 handset today, but unfortunately there’s still no sign of Android 7.0 Nougat. Those eagerly awaiting that update should remain optimistic though, as it is reported to land before the end of the year. Instead, the handset is being updated to OxygenOS 3.5.5 Beta 7 today, and this upgrade packs in a small selection of notable new features and improvements for owners.

The update only weighs in at 59MB, so there’s no major overhaul expected here. However, the 3.5.5 Beta 7 update does include an entirely new audio tuner. This feature can be found under Settings > Sound > Audio. There’s also a background app freezing mechanism that should help to prolong battery life, along with tweaks to the UI’s clock and accent color.

OnePlus 3 receives OxygenOS 3.5.5 Beta 7 update

As you would expect, there is also a selection of bug fixes included in this update too. The black screen issue that has been plaguing some gamers upon closing a title has been fixed, launcher related crashes should now be a thing of the past, and the update boasts an overall improvement to system stability. OnePlus 3 owners will also find that Android’s October security patch has been included in this update, so the phone is secure from the latest OS exploits.

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As a beta update, this OTA will only roll out to those who have already enrolled into the beta branch, which you can still do if you want to be on the cutting edge of OnePlus 3 software. Don’t fret if you haven’t spotted the notification yet, OnePlus says that it will take a few days for the update to hit everyone around the globe.

OnePlus shows how fast its OnePlus 3T charges compared to the Google Pixel XL

OnePlus has posted a comparison video between its new phone, the OnePlus 3T, and Google’s Pixel XL to highlight the strengths of its Dash Charge capabilities. In the video, the power levels of both devices begin at 1% and are left to charge until they reach 100%, with a timer showing how long it all takes.

The OnePlus 3T houses a 3,400 mAh battery and makes use of OnePlus‘ proprietary Dash Charge technology, while the Google Pixel XL – Google’s recently released flagship – has a 3,450 mAh battery which benefits from USB Type-C fast charging via USB-PD (USB-Power Delivery).

Check out the video below (notice that both devices have flight mode switched on):

Thirty minutes in, the OnePlus 3T is slightly ahead of the Pixel XL at 56% compared to 49% but by the one-hour mark the OnePlus 3T is at 92% capacity while the Pixel XL sits at 70% – this is where the greatest disparity between the handsets’ charge levels can be seen. As you may know, battery charging rates typically slow down as the battery nears capacity.

The OnePlus 3 achieves a full charge at 90 minutes while it takes a total of two hours for the Pixel XL to reach the same level.

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What are your thoughts on the results? Is the difference in charging speed significant? Let us know in the comments.