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Google On app gets renamed to Google WiFi ahead of router launch

In October, Google announced a new router hardware product, called simply Google WiFi. Today, a few days before the first shipments of the $129 device are scheduled to begin on December 6, the company is rolling out an update to its previous WiFi remote router control app Google On, renaming it as Google WiFi.

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May 3, 2016

The Google On app was first launched in 2015, alongside the first Google OnHub WiFi router, which was made and marketed by TP-Link (another such OnHub router was later launched by ASUS). Basically, it allowed users to remotely control those routers with their smartphone. However, Google has quickly abandoned their third-party OnHub strategy in favor of their own Google WiFi hardware they sell themselves. It makes sense to rename the app to Google WiFi.Google On app gets renamed to Google WiFi ahead of router launch

Along with the name change, the user interface of the app has been refreshed, adding three tabs on top that they say offer better access to its features. If you still own a Google OnHub router, the app will continue to work with it even with the name and UI changes. Google has previously confirmed that OnHub routers are also compatible with the new Google WiFi hardware, which will let owners add more devices so the wireless signal can cover a wide amount of space with its mesh technology. All of the routers are designed to work together to ensure a stable WiFi connection.

The update to the app has apparently just started to roll out, so it may not be available yet to most Android owners. It will likely take a few days to make its way to all users.

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Google Wifi beats competitors in independent test


Google’s upcoming Wi-Fi router, Google Wifi, is designed to provide a reliable internet connection throughout the home on all devices. In an effort to see how it stacks up against the competition before it ships on December 5, Google asked an independent company, Allison USA, to put Google Wifi up against two similar systems, Eero and Luma.

The three products are all “mesh” systems, which means they use a group of routers that communicate wirelessly with each other to create a single Wi-Fi network. Instead of just one router, mesh systems allow for multiple sources of Wi-Fi throughout your home, theoretically providing better coverage.

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October 5, 2016

Though Google considers mesh systems to be a superior alternative to the typical single router setup in most households, there are, of course, different levels of efficiency offered by each product.

In the test, Allison connected two units from each of the three systems in a 3,000 square foot, two story home. It then measured the Wi-Fi speeds at four different locations with a Macbook Air. You can see the results in the graphic below which shows the average speed in Mbps (megabits per second) from more than 60 measurements.

Google Wifi beats competitors in independent test

Google Wifi came out on top, with the fastest Wi-Fi speeds at each location – sometimes providing more than double the performance. In one of the upstairs bedrooms, for example, Google Wifi was five times as fast as Eero (228 Mbps vs 42 Mbps).

Of the results, which were posted on its blog, Google said: “Google Wifi is able to outperform other mesh routers because we built it from the ground up to provide fast Wi-Fi in every room. Each Google Wifi point packs high-gain antennas along with powerful amplifiers that make the signal stronger and farther-reaching.”

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Google also reaffirmed its commitment to providing better, faster home Wi-Fi and said Allison would continue to run tests on its system in the coming weeks.

Google Wifi is available for pre-order now at the Google online store for $129 for a single unit or $299 for three.

Google WiFi routers are now available for pre-order starting at $129


We have been waiting for over a month to purchase the Google WiFi routers that were first announced at the company’s Pixel press event in early October. Today, pre-orders for the routers finally went live at the Google Store site, along with a handful of other retailers.

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October 4, 2016

While one Google WiFi router can work to cover up to 1,500 square feet of wireless connectivity in a home, the hardware has been designed specifically to work with more than one of its kind to expand the reach of a WiFi signal. One router is priced at $129, but Google is also selling three of the routers in one package for $299. That should allow for up to 4,500 square feet of WiFi coverage in a bigger home or office.

Google WiFi will also come with what the company calls Network Assist, which is supposed to optimize the signal in the background, along with allowing users with more than one router on the network to transition between WiFI signals seamlessly. The company will release its own Google Wifi app that will allow users to share the local network password with guests, while also offering some Internet parental control features for families with kids.

In addition to the Google Store, you can pre-order Google WiFi routers at Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy. You will still have a while to wait before you can get your hands on one; shipments are expected to begin on December 6.

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