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Google Allo just got a bizarre Thanksgiving sticker pack designed by Buzzfeed


Google has partnered with Buzzfeed illustrator Kevin Valente on a new Allo sticker pack called ‘Getting Ready for the Weekend’. In a blog post published yesterday, Google said the stickers were designed to help celebrate all aspects of Thanksgiving.

The animated stickers feature a bunch of typically wacky designs, from self-crisping sun-bathing bacon, to a tearful man at the grave of “The Weekend”, to an electronic tag strapped to a bare ankle besides the words “Where you at?”.

Google Allo just got a bizarre Thanksgiving sticker pack designed by Buzzfeed

Google has introduced a steady stream of new content to Allo since it launched in September. Last month, Google delivered stickers based on the hit US show Stranger Things, and Google Allo background themes arrived just last week.

The ‘Getting Ready for the Weekend’ sticker pack is available from today for download from the sticker store in Google Allo on Android and iOS.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Android Authority!

Google Allo adds background themes and Smart Smiley feature


The recently launched Google Allo messaging app continues to add new features via updates from the Play Store. The latest version includes a new option that was hinted at a couple of weeks ago in a leak: background themes.

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September 21, 2016

Basically, Allo users now have the option to switch from a basic background for their text chats to a variety of different and colorful designs. While this is just a visual change, it certainly will help make chatting more interesting compared to a plain white background.

Google is also adding what the company calls the Smart Smiley button to Allo with this update. The company says that people use less than 3 percent of the emojis that are currently available for chats. The Smart Smiley button is designed to change that. Users can just press on the button while they are typing a message to a friend, and a list of relevant emoji and stickers will appear that can be placed inside the message. Those choices will change based on both the words and sentiment for each text message, and Smart Smiley can even offer suggestions for emojis before you start typing based on the current conversation.

Finally, Google Allo users can add official stickers based on the upcoming movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. The film, set in the universe of Harry Potter, debuts in movie theaters on Friday, Nov. 18. What do you think of the new background themes, the Smart Smiley button and the Fantastic Beasts stickers that have been added to Google Allo?

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