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Force 2

Force 2: 1st Monday Box Office Collections

After enjoying decent opening weekend at the box office, Force 2 managed to hold well on its 1st Monday.

This action thriller raked in approximately 3* crores and currently stands with the grand total of 23.05 crores. The film should remain stable on its weekdays to stand with fair collections by the end of its opening week.

The film is performing much better than the other release, Tum Bin 2 which took a low start. Considering Force 2’s genre, more audiences in the single screen belt would prefer to watch it compared to the romantic drama.

Force 2: 1st Monday Box Office Collections

Directed by Abhinay Deo, Force 2 features John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha and Tahir Raj Bhasin in key roles.

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John Abraham’s Force 2 Enjoys Decent Opening Weekend At The Box Office

When it comes to multi-starrers, John Abraham has been getting good opening days on a consistent basis [Welcome Back, Dishoom]. He is trying it out well for his solo releases as well, though one waits a real good biggie to make it huge for him. Earlier this year, John Abraham had arrived solo with Rocky Handsome and fortunately for him, the weekend collections of Force 2 are much better than that. The film has collected 21 crore* at the Box Office in three days and this is greater than what Rocky Handsome [16.12 crore, including Thursday Paid Previews] had done.

Here is looking at the weekend collections of the action releases of 2016:

Baaghi38.58 crore
Dishoom 37.32 crore
Shivaay 28.56 crore
Ghayal Once Again23.25 crore
A Flying Jatt 29.45 crore (including 7.1 crore from Thursday Paid Previews)
Force 221 crore*
Akira16.65 crore
Rocky Handsome16.12 crore (including 1.77 crore from Thursday Paid Previews)

Box Office – Force 2 – Weekend collections

The film would have done better than Ghayal Once Again (and the films below it) if not for the demonetization factor. The collections need to be bigger for a film of this scale, mounting and pitching. There is good investment that has gone in the making of the film and from this point on, Force 2 would need some real remarkable pull during the weekdays.

There is no competition whatsoever for Force 2 as Rock On 2 is gone and Tum Bin 2 isn’t doing great either. Weekdays collections would be a clear indicator of whether the content offered by director Abhinay Deo has managed to entice the audiences or not.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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Force 2: 1st Saturday Box Office Collections

John Abraham starrer Force 2 has managed to show decent growth on its 2nd day at the box office.

This action-thriller collected 6.55* crores yesterday and now stands with the total collections of 12.60 crores. The film needs to perform extremely well today, so that it can cross 20 crore in its opening weekend.

John Abraham in a still from Force 2

Directed by Abhinay Deo and produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Viacom Motion Pictures and JA Entertainment, the film also stars Tahir Raj Bhasin and Sonakshi Sinha in key roles

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Shatrughan Sinha Finds John, Sonakshi ‘Made For Each Other’

Actress Sonakshi Sinha says her father and veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha has lauded her performance in Force 2 and found her and actor John Abraham as “made for each other”.

When John was asked about the best reaction he received so far, the actor replied that he got it from Sonakshi’s father.

Sonakshi added that her father watched the Delhi screening of “Force 2“, which also stars Tahir Raj Bhasin.

Shatrughan Sinha finds John, Sonakshi ‘made for each other’

“He took his friends and the police commissioner with him. They all loved it (‘Force 2‘). Until now, my dad never called any of my co-stars and talked to them… But this time he did and even said that our (John and Sonakshi) jodi (pair) is made for each other. He was very happy and proud of the film. That’s enough for me,” she said.

The 29-year-old actress says Shatrughan also took the film’s director Abhinay Deo’s number and called him too.

“I felt wonderful when Shatrughan Sinha called me even before he called Sonakshi,” an elated Deo said.

Sonakshi got a call from actor Akshay Kumar.

“Akshay is quite impressed with the kind of action sequences we did in the film.”

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Force 2 Starts Ordinary, Tum Bin 2 Opens Low | Morning Box Office Occupancy Report

Sequels, Force 2 and Tum Bin 2 clashed today at the box office. While John Abraham’s Force 2 has registered 15-20% occupancy, Tum Bin 2 has just managed to open with 8-10% in the morning shows.

Demonetization has affected the business of the films, as Force  2 primarily targets to mass centres and single screens. The opening weekend will be crucial for both the films, since Dear Zindagi starring Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan will be arriving on next Friday.

Box Office Occupancy : Force 2 And Tum Bin 2

Both the films need to pick up in the afternoon and evening shows to stand with respectable figures on their respective opening day.

John Abraham: If Matt Damon Has ‘Bourne’ & Vin Diesel Has ‘Fast & Furious’, I Have ‘Force’


John Abraham doesn’t believe in promoting a film beyond a point, and says he would never stand around in a mall, throw T-shirts and blow kisses to sell a film.

Excerpts from an interview with John ahead of the release of his new film Force 2, which hits the screens on Friday:

Can’t stand in malls, blow kisses to promote film: John Abraham

Q. Does “Force 2” have a relevance beyond entertainment?
Absolutely. We were really inspired by Captain Saurabh Kalia’s story — the way his body was mutilated by Pakistanis shook us to the core. ‘Force‘ was a film close to my heart. But it was about one man’s personal grief and revenge. In ‘Force 2‘, we wanted to move ahead.

Q. How did you do that?
The idea came organically. In the first film, my character fought for the family. Here, we wanted to take him beyond our borders. Our soldiers are losing their lives. While we sleep peacefully, our soldiers are losing their lives. Our film is dedicated to the soldiers who gave their lives on the border fighting for our safety.

Q. Was that sentiment thrust on you by political pressure?
Not at all. We haven’t thrust the message down people’s throats. We’ve got the message across through an engaging plot line. People are going to walk out with some thoughts in their heads.

Q. What makes you so confident about “Force 2”?
Both — my director Abhinay Deo and I — believe “Force” is the largest action-franchise of this country. If Matt Damon has a Bourne series and Vin Diesel has a Fast & Furious, John Abraham has the Force series.

John Abraham: If Matt Damon Has ‘Bourne’ & Vin Diesel Has ‘Fast & Furious’, I Have ‘Force’
John Abraham starrer Force 2 poster

Q. Too many sequels in the market?
And as far as sequels go, this one is not ‘Force’-fitted, pun intended, ha ha. Now we are looking at “Force 3“. And we are not presuming that “Force 2” would be a success.

Q. So a global political awareness would be common to the Force series?
Yes, that’s how my co-producers Vipul Shah, Viacom18 and I feel. And no beating of the chest, no jingoism, no self-congratulation. Just a sincere attempt to look at global happenings.

Q. A serious recession has hit the entertainment industry after the demonetisation. How will that affect your film?
To be honest, we have been very practical producers. We have worked out the numbers so that we are financially safe even before the film’s release. That’s one part of it. The other more important part of the film is the audiences’ acceptance. I bow my head and say in all humility to the audience we’ve made a sincere film. Going on comedy shows to say this won’t help our film.

John Abraham: If Matt Damon Has ‘Bourne’ & Vin Diesel Has ‘Fast & Furious’, I Have ‘Force’
Sonakshi Sinha and John Abraham promoting Force 2 on the sets of Comedy Nights Bachao

Q. You walked out of “Comedy Nights Bachao”?
I am a meticulous media marketing planner. But even I’ve to admit that a lot of the media stuff we do to promote a film, is wasteful.

Q. You can make an epic film out of the budget set aside for the marketing of big films?
I’ll reserve comments on epic films because they often shut down shop. But yes, the marketing budget can easily fund an entire film. Still, I roam around in my chappals on various channels promoting my films.

Q. But you don’t attend awards functions?
Speaking in the capacity of a producer, when studios are attached to a film, there are certain commitments that one must fulfill. But I am totally against city tours and television events to promote a film.

Q. So how far will you go to promote a film?
I will never stand around in a mall, throw T-shirts and blow kisses. Ultimately, it’s the product that counts, not how much you sell it.

Q. Would you attend an awards function if you’re promised an award?
With award functions, it’s a complete no-no for me. But to each his own. Award functions are live shows where actors get paid to perform. The same actors win all the awards every year. I don’t know how that actor doesn’t get bored. I am one actor who doesn’t get that chance.

Q. To get awards or to get bored?
Both (laughs)!

Q. So tell me why would audiences want to see “Force 2”?
Because we’ve got some of the best action directors from across the world. We’ve got Franz Spilhaus from South Africa, and we’ve got our own Allan Amin. We’ve got a wide range of the best stunt choreographers to make my action look convincing. And we’ve got a hero who doesn’t believe in promoting a film beyond a point.

Force 2, Tum Bin 2’s Box Office Prediction

This is turning out to be an interesting weekend as John Abraham returns with another action movie after Rocky Handsome while Tum Bin 2 is another romantic musical after Sanam Teri Kasam which is relying primarily on music to bring on audiences. In that aspect, it becomes all the more important for the two films to score even better than the aforementioned films.

Earlier this year, Rocky Handsome had opened to 5.39 crore. This was a decent start for the film though unfortunately it couldn’t capitalise on that much over the weekend or for that matter, in the long run. Comparatively, Force 2 is expected to have better sustenance.

The makers seem to have balanced out the action bit well with the reality of the RAW world and if that turns out to be entertaining too for the ‘aam junta’, the results are set to be better.

Box Office Predictions – Force 2, Tum Bin 2

On the other hand Tum Bin 2 has focused primarily on music with a largely newcomer cast (except for Neha Sharma). Ditto was the case with Sanam Teri Kasam too which was riding high on Himesh Reshammiya’s music. That film had opened to 1.25 crore and that is the bare minimum number that the Anubhav Sinha directed film is set to cross.

T-Series has seen a good musical start for their Sanam Re earlier this year as that film had managed an opened to 5 crore. While that is going to be quite a stretch for Tum Bin 2, the makers would indeed be happy if the film reaches through half way mark of this number.