Android 7.0 Nougat

Android 7.0 Nougat

Android 7.1.1 release with December security patch due December 6

According to one of Australia’s largest cellular carriers, the public release of Android 7.1.1 is due out starting December 6. Vodafone Australia has released details of the OTA, scheduled to begin rolling out at 5:00 PM AEST on December 6, which will include the December 5 security patch from Google.

The Android 7.1.1 update will begin rolling out for Nexus devices at that time. According to Vodafone’s release notes, only 10,000 phones will receive the update in the first three days as it is trickled out. Starting from the fourth day, another 10% of “the remaining pool” will be selected per day to receive the update, with all devices being eligible after day 14.

If you want to take a deeper look at what you can expect from the new Android 7.1 features, check out our Nougat review which covers the recent developer previews, the last of which only rolled out last week. As with the first official Marshmallow build, we don’t expect there to be anything really different from what you will have found in the final developer preview.

If you want to know when your phone is likely to receive Android 7.0 or 7.1, hit our Android Nougat update tracker to see when you can expect Nougat to land for your device.

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Unlocked versions of the HTC 10 start receiving Nougat update

Mo Versi, the VP of Product Management over at HTC USA, has announced some great news via his Twitter account. Starting today, unlocked versions of the HTC 10 will start receiving a software update to the latest and greatest Android Nougat. Carrier versions of the device should, hopefully, start getting the update shortly, although no time frame has been given so far.

Unlocked versions of the HTC 10 start receiving Nougat update

Unfortunately, the tweet doesn’t specify whether the update will be rolled out globally or just in the US. But even if it does hit the devices in ‘the land of the free’ first, we do expect that the update will soon reach HTC 10 users in other parts of the world as well.

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After the HTC 10, the Taiwan-based company will probably release the Nougat update for some of their other devices as well. The newly announced Bolt, known as the 10 evo in Europe, already runs on Google’s latest version of OS. So that means that the next devices in line should be the last year’s flagship One M9 and the One A9. However, HTC has not given any info on when the update for these two devices will be ready, so we can only hope to see them both soon.

Do you own an unlocked version of the HTC 10? Have you received the update yet? Let us know what you think of it.

Latest Nougat beta for the Galaxy S7 defaults to 1080p display

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Android Nougat beta test is currently underway, before Samsung rolls out its latest software features to the wider public. However, some may have noticed that the display quality looks a little different with the latest beta version, as the resolution has been notched down from QHD (2560×1440) to FullHD (1920×1080) by default.

Samsung first debuted this type of feature with the Galaxy Note 7, which offered variable screen resolutions as part of its Power Saving Mode. The company has tweaked this software so that it’s now presented as its own feature, rather than under battery settings.Latest Nougat beta for the Galaxy S7 defaults to 1080p display Users are presented with three options, HD (720p), FHD (1080p), and WQHD (1440p), with the middle option being the default after updating. Of course this is a beta build, and Samsung may decide to restore the default to the panel’s full resolution come the final release, at least in some regions.

Interestingly enough, it’s quite likely that many users haven’t even noticed the difference. While some fonts and images may not look quite as sharp, optimized web elements and video streaming quality limits mean that a lot of content doesn’t look any different on a 1080p versus 1440p display anyway, especially on the Galaxy S7’s 5.1-inch panel. QHD is typically more useful on devices with a display above 5.5-inches, although users who opt to downgrade to the 720p mode will notice a much greater difference.

Why would Samsung include this type of feature? Perhaps the company has found a sweet spot between battery life and image clarity.

So why would Samsung include this type of feature? Battery life is probably the biggest factor, along with heat, as a lower resolution puts less strain on GPU and memory bandwidth. When you consider even the small UI animations that are rendered over and over again each day, a reduction in GPU power could add up over a day’s use. We’re not talking huge battery life extensions, but for heavy users this could make the difference between getting through the day on a single charge. Of course, display brightness, running apps, and signal strength are bigger contributing factors to battery life.

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Along with the resolution scaling option, Samsung has also included additional “screen zoom” options, which replace the old Condensed setting. Users can now opt for tiny or huge settings, with the former allowing for a little more content on the screen just like the old condensed option. Huge mode scales up object significantly for those who struggle to make out text and UI elements.

It will be interesting to see whether Samsung keeps the 1080p default option for its finished Nougat build. Perhaps the company believes it’s found a sweet spot between battery life and image clarity, while still allowing advanced users to go all out on QHD if they so wish. It’s also an interesting prospect for the rumored arrival of a 4K display with the Galaxy S8, as the panel might just kick into its highest resolution to watch 4K content or play a VR title, much like Sony’s Xperia Z5 Premium.

Android 7.0 Nougat closed testing begins for Nextbit Robin

Members of the closed beta testing program for the Nextbit Robin smartphone can now download and try out its version of Android 7.0 Nougat. The version of Google’s new OS for the Robin was created with the assistance of the Paranoid Android custom ROM development team.

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You may remember that back in September, the Paranoid Android team added the Nextbit Robin to its list of devices that supported its custom ROM, thanks in part to Nextbit sending the team Robin devices to work with. It appears that the two parties have continued to collaborate. In a blog post, Nextbit stated it exchanged “ideas, code, and resources” with the Paranoid Android team so the NextbitOS can work with Nougat. Also, the Paranoid Android’s version of Nougat got help from Nextbit so it can work well on the Robin.

The final result is now available to download for Robin beta testers, and if you own that smartphone, you can sign up now to receive the Nougat beta at the link below. Nextbit does warn that if owners have modded their Robin phone, it is not recommended that they get this update.

Sign up to beta test on Nextbit Robin

Android Nougat beta update rolling out to Honor 8’s testers

Honor is now rolling out EMUI 5.0, based on Android Nougat, to the Honor 8 for those who signed up for its beta program. Honor teamed up with the folks at XDA Developers to recruit the beta users on November 7, and now the 60-or-so selected applicants can test an early version of the software before its official release.

EMUI 5.0 has already been seen on the Huawei Mate 9 (Huawei owns EMUI and the Honor brand) and includes a new design inspired by the colors of the Aegean Sea, tighter security and the ability to add an app drawer to the home screen – for those who prefer a more traditional Android setup.

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In our Honor 8 review, we found some aspects of the software experience to be frustrating, but were pleased to learn of Honor’s commitment to delivering updates and new features every three months for the first year.

There’s no indication of when the final software might roll out to over-the-air to the Honor 8, but we’ll keep you informed.

Android 7.0 Nougat update begins its LG G5 rollout on Sprint

If you own an LG G5 on Sprint’s network, get ready for a big download. Online reports indicate that the Android 7.0 Nougat update for this smartphone has started rolling out on the network. It appears Sprint is the first U.S. carrier to begin offering this update for the LG G5.

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LG first announced that it had started the Nougat update for the G5 earlier this month in South Korea. According to a Reddit post today, the Sprint update has a file size of 1,275.4 MB, so you will likely need a Wi-FI connection to get a smooth and fast download. The kernel version number is 3.18.31 and the software version number is LS992ZV8. Besides the stock Nougat features, this update also includes LG’s own built-in DPI changer, with 544, 640, and 720 options. It also includes the November Google security update.

Android 7.0 Nougat update begins its LG G5 rollout on Sprint

As usual with these kinds of over-the-air updates, Sprint LG G5 owners could see Nougat available to download immediately or it could take a few days for it to roll out to their device. However, it’s still great that owners of the LG G5 on Sprint can now grab the Nougat update, and it’s likely that the other major U.S. carriers will follow suit in the next few weeks.

Sony’s Xperia X Nougat Concept updated with security patches and more

Owners of Sony’s Xperia X smartphone in Europe who are also signed up for the “Concept for Android” program can download the first update for the software since it first rolled out a couple of weeks ago for Android 7.0 Nougat. The program offers Xperia X owner a chance to get some hands-on preview time with upcoming features before they are made available for all owners of the smartphone.

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In this case, the build number for this update is build number 38.1.A.0.342 (NBD91K4). It includes the latest November Android security updates from Google, along with adding X-Reality support in the Album app, and also includes new versions of Sony’s Xperia Home and Xperia Transfer apps. As you might expect, there are also some bug fixes in this Nougat-based release, including a new version of the fingerprint driver and bug fixes for the camera and FM Radio features.

Additionally, there’s a known issue with the updated Xperia Home app and icon packs, and users should remove those packs from the Home settings before they download the latest Concept update. If you want to be on the cutting edge of software for the Xperia X, and you live in Europe, you can get these “Concept for Android” updates by downloading the Sony Concept Installer app right now from the Google Play Store.

Get it at Google Play

Nougat update may be rolling out to Verizon Moto Z Droid and Force Droid

Verizon customers who own Lenovo’s recently launched Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid may be getting a nice pre-Thanksgiving surprise. Online reports suggest strongly that the carrier has begun rolling out updates for both phones that will upgrade their version of the Android OS from Marshmallow to Android 7.0 Nougat.

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As with many of these kinds of surprise reveals, the reports come from eager Reddit users, one of which quickly posted proof that his phone was indeed getting the over-the-air update. The upgrade to Nougat is apparently not yet ready for the Moto Z Play just yet.

Nougat update may be rolling out to Verizon Moto Z Droid and Force Droid

The update version number is NCL26.86-11, but there’s no word yet about its file size. However, the screenshot shows that it will take about 20 minutes for the Nougat upgrade to install on the Verizon phones. The screen also says that the update also includes some features like split-screen mode for using two apps on the display at once, and “app quick switching”. Another Reddit user also says the update enables the Moto phones to work with the Daydream View VR headset.

So far, Verizon has not made any official announcements concerning a Nougat update for its Moto Z Droid phones, but these reports do make it seem like the carrier has indeed begun the process. If you own these phones and have been getting the Nougat update, make sure to give us your impressions in the comments.

Samsung rolls out second Android 7.0 Nougat build in Europe


Samsung’s Android 7.0 Nougat beta program went live last week for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, and now the South Korean manufacturer has released the second build of its latest Android software. Sam Mobile reports that the update is rolling out over-the-air in Europe and that those who’ve already signed up to the beta program will see a notification on their handset for the new build sometime soon.

The 92 MB update doesn’t appear to introduce any new features – none are mentioned in the changelog – however, it should reduce the number of bugs or crashes that are encountered.

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Samsung launched its Android 7.0 Nougat beta program last week, which provides an opportunity for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge owners to test an early version of Samsung’s latest UI before its official release.

To apply for the beta, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge owners need an active Samsung account and must register through the Galaxy Beta Program app (available through Samsung’s Galaxy Apps store). Samsung said that the program will run until mid-December.

Android 7.0 Nougat update for Huawei Mate 8 gets leaked

If you simply cannot wait for Huawei to release the official Android 7.0 Nougat update for its Mate 8 smartphone, there’s a rather complicated way to get Google’s latest OS on that device right now. Someone has found and leaked the Nougat update on the phone and posted it on the XDA Developers forums.

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The post comes from XDA member somboons, who claims he found the Nougat update for the Mate 8 on Huawei’s servers. You can now download and install that update on your Mate 8 if you wish, and if you follow his instructions you should have it running on your device. Keep in mind that this is definitely an unofficial release of the Nougat Mate 8 update so you will be downloading and installing this software at your own risk.

If you don’t want to take the risk of messing up your Huawei Mate 8, but still want to see Nougat running on the smartphone, you can check out the video above to see how it looks and runs. So far, there’s no word on when Huawei plans to launch the official Nougat update for the Mate 8, but if it is available on its servers, we would imagine it won’t be long before it begins its over-the-air journey.