Bigg Boss 10 23 November 2016 Episode 39, Manveer says i will miss Lokesh, she was so eager to be here. Manu says when we were coming in tryouts, we had question on the off chance that we will get by here or not, reasonable individual gets influenced here, i have certainty that i wont get removed soon yet like Naveen knew subsequent to breaking his hand that he will leave, its appeared on face when you know you are getting expelled, simply look Niti’s face this week. Mona says you dont get influenced in designations yet friday brings expectation, individuals would be typical when they go out. Manu says this is life planning show of comman man.

Bigg Boss 10 23 November 2016 Episode 39

Swami says to Rohan that you are our Ram, he wont listen to Ravan(Manu). Manu says we are at same place and you are calling us Ram and

Ravan? what will individuals think? Swami says individuals know you are ravan. Rohan says Swami has these musings, this isn’t right, Manu says Salman gave you address for one hour still you acted like crying fish. Swami says i am a fish, you are scorpio. Mona says i would need to slap him, Swami says i know how to slap individuals not get slapped. Rahul says nobody saying anything so dont remark like this Swami. Lopa says regardless of the possibility that they are remarking, you dont need to answer. Manveer says on the off chance that we begin remarking like you then you wont have the capacity to shoulder. You acted so much yesterday however it didnt impact Salman a bit, dont continue calling us ravan, Swami says come and choke me, Rohan says dont call them Ravan starting now and into the foreseeable future. Manu says change his eating timetable to make him understand, manveer says till what amount would we be able to hold up under? Rahul says i cautioned you before as well, what fun do you get from this? pack this up, Swami says i like this in regards to you.

Manu says to Manveer that interpretation of Swami, however dont let any other person sort your matter and take spotlight, as Rahul did. Manveer says i was sitting tight for Rahul to quiets Swami down yet he didnt, Manu says who made him senior of house? you are senior of house, Manveer says he continue saying that he will stop battles. Manu says i told Rahul that we are enthusiastic ****, he couldnt comprehend it, Mona says he simply eat and wash dishes.

Swami says you individuals are behind me. Manu says we need to be far from your shadow even, why dont you conceal your face, Swami says this is not your home, i can wander anyplace, Manu says in the event that it was my home then i would have indicated you. Swami says you are not in house that is the reason, you went out. Manu says you holy person, dont know who discovered you on streets, you dont think about your family, the affront you had bear, after that any regarded man would have been under pit. Sawmi tries to answer yet Manu says yakkity yak blah.. Swami tries say to in english, Rohan says i should rebuff you, Swami says i will bear any discipline you and bigg supervisor give me. Manu doesnt let him talk and says you yell stuff your mouth with fabric, Swami says are these godo words? Manu says you are stating that we went out, is that pleasant remark? Rohan says dont go individual Swami, Manu says he does that intentionally, Swami says he called me living on streets, Manu says you remarked to start with, Swami says you remarked in the first place, Niti says Swami you remarked in the first place, Rohan says dont remark this way.