Samsung may add yet another color choice in the near future for people who want to get its flagship Galaxy S7 smartphone. A new report claims that the phone will be available in a ‘glossy black’ color option sometime in early December.

The report comes from the South Korea-based site The Investor, citing unnamed sources. As you may know, Samsung already sells the Galaxy S7 in a Black Onyx color option, but this new glossy black color is rumored to better compete with the Jet Black iPhone 7 that launched earlier this year.

This move certainly makes sense on Samsung’s part. The company is trying to boost sales of the nine-month old Galaxy S7, in part to make of for the lost sales of the recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. Plus, launching a new color variant isn’t anything we haven’t seen before; earlier this month the company announced a new Blue Coral option for the Galaxy S7 Edge, which is now on sale at all four major US carriers.

If the new Galaxy S7 color option is similar to the Jet Black iPhone 7, do you think you’ll buy one? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments.